4 Important Things To Consider Before Converting Your Garage
  • 2021-04-10
  • Admin

Turning your garage into a living space will help you effectively utilize your unused garage. It will also make way to get more space into your home. Converting garage space is a great idea but the kind of hassle and costing must be taken into account. Fortunately converting a garage is simple and you can get a new game room, home office, gym. Consider these things before starting garage conversion.

Use Your Space Most Efficiently

Garage conversions are mostly preferred in suburban and urban areas. If space is at a premium then losing the space for the car will not devalue your property. Although in the case of selling it, the potential future buyer might not like the idea. So, think beforehand and convert only one part of the garage and leave space for at least one vehicle.

Additional Utilities

Most garages lack hi-fi lighting and are equipped with only basic utilities. Other important updates required in converting this space will be plumbing, gas lines. Seek help from the contractor to get quotes about the potential cost of the project. Phone lines and data network cabling installation is also required if you are planning a workspace.

What to Do with the Garage Door

The garage door is supposed to be either removed completely or hidden by a false wall. Considering removing the door will make it difficult to reconvert the space into the garage in the future. Henceforth simply add a false wall with an insulation layer on the interior. Get expert advice by searching for garage door repair near me. Installing an up-and-over door is also a great solution.

Install new floor

Most of the garages have a concrete floor which is uncomfortable and unpleasant in a living space. To avoid this situation within budget, create a wood frame to form a grid over the floor and place plywood panels. Finally cover the surface with laminate, tile, or carpet. Well keeping the door as a feature in the new space can add an element of interest.


Converting a garage is quite different from constructing or reconstructing it in so many ways. Every garage is unique in its ways like some may be small and not standard-sized, may have odd corners. Instead of covering up these quirks on your own seek an expert garage door repair Henderson. Reach out to Infinity Garage rather than searching simply for garage door repair near me to convert your garage creatively without hassle.

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