5 Steps To Building An Addition Over A Garage
  • 2021-05-15
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Over-the-garage additions have become a preferable style for homeowners nowadays. One very important aspect of this style is that it is an easy way to add extra space within the existing structure of the house. There are lots of options for how to use your garage bonus room. Here’s a short description of the important 5 steps to building an addition above your garage. You can also get help from various garage door service in Las Vegas.

Here is a step-by-step plan of how to add a bonus room above a garage in your house.

Check carefully the Safety Codes

Safety concerns should be checked carefully early on in your planning process regarding a bonus room. For example, building a safe room requires 5/8-inch-thick drywall, which is known as fire rated above the ceiling of the garage.

The first thing you have to do is to make sure that your entire room is insulated carefully. After installing insulation in the walls, you may want to use drywall as the base because it can give your bonus room a complete look. Regarding the floors of your bonus room above the garage, there are some factors you have to consider. The first thing among those is that you’ll want to do is reinforce your floor joists.

After the floor joists are reinforced, you have to add insulation. This will help to control both the extra noise and temperature as well.
Think from the Outside towards the inside

While planning about your dream addition, sometimes it helps to think and plan from the exterior to the interior. As the over-garage additions are clearly visible, you can start with what you want about its appearance from the outside and work towards the back part on how that can affect the structure. The structure of your bonus room will need to be seamless.

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Some strategies that can help to look seamless are: Make sure that the features like the windows are compatible with the style of the house and try to add some special details, like trimming. For this kind of help, you can contact any garage door service in Las Vegas.

Consider the Structure

Try to have a clear idea of what you might want. Try to plan according to the structure of your house and how to build on it. This means you need the help of an engineer to verify that the garage’s existing foundation can bear the extra weight of an addition.
For professional advice, you can get help from garage door service in Las Vegas.

Work With the Space which is already available

Trying to think about your existing space and framework will save you lots of hard work. Don’t think about the impossible plans – if you have a single car garage, or you are living in two bedrooms and a bathroom, then don’t think about this addition.

Think about where to Put Plumbing

Planning about building a bathroom above an unheated garage‚ is a good idea. But pipes need to stay in the heated areas, and they can’t stay in the walls of the exterior parts. This needs proper coordination between the plumber and contractors to make sure the proper installation of pipes to avoid rework.

These important five steps can help you to build an addition over a garage or get professional advice from various companies who excel in garage door installation in Las Vegas.

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