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Make the Right Choice During Garage Door Opener Installation

Once a few will understand why the garage door opener is considered an integral part of the door? In fact, the majority of the heavy lifting is done by the opener, in conjunction with the spring and other supporting mechanisms. Even the idea of manually opening your garage door multiple times a day throughout the year can get tedious at times. With overtime and technological advancements, garage door maintenance has gotten better along with openers. 

In the majority of the households, electronic garage door openers have become one of the most t common features. But, no matter the type of improvement, there is still room for regular wear and tear. Neither less to say, repetitive usage over time can still take a toll on your garage door opener. That is why it is very important to replace the opener once in every few years. You can entertain the privilege of a faster and better opener packed with all the modern technologies. The sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the various aspects of garage door openers you need to know before installation. 

Why You Should Consider Getting a New Garage Door Opener? 

Not every sublet issue can result in garage door opener replacement. Inspecting the opener every once a while can certainly help for a seamlessly functioning garage door. So, here are some of the most common instances where you might need to replace or even upgrade to a new opener: 

  • If the opener has aged more than ten years, it is always a better option to seek for upgradation. 
  • When the garage door starts to jerk or even make noises every time it is coming down. This is a clear indication that the opener is no longer suited for the operation. 
  • If your garage door opener has started to make noise or to get sluggish over time, consider opting for a newer one. 
  • When your garage door opener is no longer able to hold off the weight of the garage door, in fact, it can pose some serious threat to everyone within the house. 
  • Lastly, your garage door opener has gone outdated, and you require the technological advancements that come with the newer models. 

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

Depending on the condition of the garage door, along with its overall weight, there are varieties of garage door openers you can find out there in the market. Here are some of the most commonly used types of garage door openers you can find out there in the market. 

1) Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

This is by far one of the most common types of garage door openers you can find. As the name suggests, it works on the chain mechanism. The entire idea is based on what of a bicycle; the only difference being a motor drives the chains. Now, due to such popularity, the overall cost of chain drive garage door opener is also less as compared to its counterparts. 

At the same time, you can also equip your garage door with all the modern technologies. It can provide homeowners with the flexibility to seamlessly operate their garage doors. You can also pack up battery backup systems so that you can still operate your garage door during any power outage. 

2) Belt Type Garage Door Openers

The overall functionality remains the same as that of any chain drive openers. The only difference is that it is operated using a belt. Bear in mind, while comparing between a belt and chain drive, the prior one is comparatively quieter than the later. Belt drive garage door is also very excellent at lifting heavyweights. But, at the same time, they are also prone to regular wear and tear as well. 

3) Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

The screw drive openers are not that much popular as compared to their other counterparts. One of the major driving factors being their sensitivity to heat or any extreme climatic conditions. Neither less to say, they also have very low noise levels. That being said, screw drive garage doors have an almost similar operation as that of any other openers. 

The only difference is that the screw drive garage door moves with the mechanism of threaded steel rods. Apart from that, there are no further moving parts within the opener. This, in turn, also improves the overall longevity of the opener as well. 

Just bear in mind that, no matter the type of garage door opener, you need to make sure for periodic maintenance. Calibrating your garage door opener every once a while is very important for the same. This, way you can get the right assistance during heavier lifting. Opting for broken garage door spring replacement from time to time can certainly help in a smoother opener operation. 

Call for the Professionals 

It is imperative to understand that a garage door opener installation is not like any other DIY repair. So, it is always be left to the professionals. The entire process requires having adequate knowledge of electrical wiring and the right power required to actually left the garage door. Effective distribution of the overall weight is very important. 

We here at Infinity Garage Door offers quality garage doors in Las Vegas with all the repair and replacement assistance you need. Neither less to say, our certified professionals can arrive at your home under two hours. The list of our comprehensive service includes a proper tune-up of various garage door parts along with their proper replacement. In fact, working with all the major manufacturers, we can always ensure authentic parts. All of our experts are properly equipped with all the items required for a quick and easy fix for your garage door. 

For further assistance, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door. Our customer executives are always available 24/7 around the clock. So, whether it is in the middle of the night or at broad daytime, you can always contact us. Our expert professionals are always ready to answer your queries along with free home estimates. 

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Some of the Best Garage Door Organization Ideas

For the majority of the homeowners, you can always better utilize the excess garage space. In fact, having a home garage can actually help you with better organization. In fact, there are several garage door services that can provide you with the right assistance. In fact, accessories such as sports gear, automotive, and cleaning supply can always clutter your garage.

Everyone would argue that any decluttered garage is of no use to the homeowner. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best garage door organization ideas that are worth exploring: 

Top Garage Door Organization Ideas

1) Garage Shelves 

Garage shelving is one of the best ways in which you can properly organize your garage as well as clear some floor space. One of the best things about shelves is that you can actually arrange them just the way you want. Now, if you are opting for freestanding units, you can actually relocate whatever way you want. Neither less to say, there is a variety of material in which you can get your garage shelves. You can go with wood, steel, or even plastic for that matter. 

2) Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Overhead racks are by far one of the most commonly used ceiling storage solutions for your garage. They are best suited for storing luggage and camping gear, which are not commonly used all the time. If you put it in that way, ceilings are one of the best places to store such items. Further including, you can also use the protect important items that are prone to damages and flooding. Just bear in mind that the next time you are opting for overhead storage rack, make sure that they are within reachable heights. 

3) Track Systems with Pegboards 

There is no point in arguing that pegboards are some of the most versatile storage solutions when it comes to your garage. The pre-drilled holes make it very easy to add tool holders as well as wall hooks. Neither less to say, with the installation of pegboards, everything is clearly visible in front of you. Track systems also cater to the same purpose but vertically. So, you can easily store folding chairs, shovels, ladders, and anything large within the same. 

4) Garage Cabinets

Everything would agree that not everything should be left exposed on the table. Now, if you are inclined towards storing something within the garage, for from the reach of children, cabinets are your way to go. Neither less to say, cabinets can significantly decrease clutter within the garage, keeping everything more organized. Further, including, you can get more floor space by installing garage cabinets. 

5) Workbenches for Garage 

For all the DIY lovers, this is just like a dream come true. Neither less to say, you can always get that convenient surface along with a better storage solution. The other way around is with the installation of tool chests. In fact, there are some tool chests that’s come with dedicated cabinets. As for the larger ones, you can also get shelves. Now, getting a wheeled unit means you certainly have the advantage of portability as well. 

Contact Infinity Garage Door 

We here at Infinity Garage Door always look forward to offering our customers the most comprehensive garage services. Be it repair, service, maintenance, or garage door inspection, we have got you covered. We work with all the major manufacturers and suppliers, offering some of the most authentic garage door parts. Further improving the convenience, we also emergency repair services. So, avail one of the best garage door services here at Infinity Garage Door. 

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Keeping Your Home Safe After the Garage Remote is Stolen

According to the FBI, almost 1.2 million burglaries occurred in the United States alone. This, in turn, has resulted in almost $3.4 billion in losses in properties. Neither less to say, even quality garage doors Las Vegas can’t stop that from happening. Now, bear in mind that there are only a few entries that burglars tend to prefer. It includes the front door, back doors, and certainly the garage door.

So, in this article, our primary focus lies with how homeowners can make the best use of the garage and protect their homes at the same time. Neither less to say, we will also discuss what to do in case your garage door remote is stolen, to further secure your house.

What to do In Case the Garage Door Remote is Stolen?

You should be surprised to know that burglars are always looking for new methods to sneak into the house. Under such circumstances, it is very important to improve the overall garage security. But, no matter how secure is your garage door, once anyone gets their hand on the remote, it’s like an open invitation to them.

One of their most common entrance includes the parking lot while looking out for unlocked vehicles. This is mainly because even the burglars know that you are accustomed to keeping the remote somewhere accessible. But even after you lock your garage door, you can still find your remote stolen. Under such circumstances, here are some of the most obvious precautions you can take:

1) Call the Police

As soon as you find that your garage door remote is stolen, make sure to call the police. Check everything else that might have been stolen from your car or house. Chances are you might also be asked about the approximate time when the remote went missing.

Also, make sure to keep a not that when was the last time when you saw the remote and operated it. At the same time, if any expensive item is missing, chances are you should also contact your insurance company as well.

2) Disabling the Garage Door Remote

Garage door remote is by far one of the most common ways to operate your garage door. Back from 1993, the openers use something known as rolling codes. This means the transmission code changes every time the garage door is operated. So, pressing the smart button will enable you to disable the garage door opener from registering the remote.

Once you have access to the new remote, make sure to go by the manufacturer’s instruction to reprogram the same. Neither less to say, the majority of the openers run using the same principle. But, the only variation occurs due to different manufacturers. Depending on the brand, the color of the LED can also greatly vary.

Bear in mind; you need to disconnect every other programmed device connected to the opener. Severing the connection ensures that the burglar won’t be able to make any move whatsoever. But, make sure to understand that unplugging the opener is not the solution here. Chances are, if you have a battery backup, the old codes might still be there.

Alternatives to Reprogramming the Opener

In some models of the garage door, you might actually find a control panel near the door. Pressing the lock button will ensure that the keypad and remote control won’t work anymore. So, under such circumstances, you can only use the opener to operate the garage door. So, by the time you are getting your hands on a new remote, this is one of the best ways to operate your garage door manually.

Making Use of the MyQ System

For the majority of the times, you may find that the garage door opener is always connected wirelessly. The MyQ technology, for starters, can easily manage smart garage door openers from the majority of the manufacturer. In fact, this will enable you to keep track of the operation of the garage door. You can also program your opener to only provide access via the smartphone app.

In order to revoke the access from the remote and the keypad, all you need to is hold the learn button as long as possible till the LED turns off. This way, you can remove all the previous codes along with disabling the remote control all alone. Once you reprogram the same, the opener will get a response with flashing lights along with two clicking sounds.

How to Prevent Garage Remote Theft

There is no rocket science to understand that no garage door repair company Las Vegas can actually help you to secure remotes. So, in order to prevent any remote theft, it is very important to keep them out of reach. For starters, make sure that your remotes are properly hidden and not within the car. That goes without saying, make sure that you don’t park your vehicle in sketchy areas we well.

Some of the other ways in which you can be proactive includes:

  • Avoid parking your car in front of the street. On the contrary, make sure to park the vehicle inside the garage.
  • Make sure that the doors joining the house and the garage is always locked.
  • In order to get maximum protection, make sure that you add a deadbolt lock within the doors.
  • Make sure to get an alternative remote, which is small and compact in size. This way, you can always keep it to yourself attached to a keychain.
  • Connecting your garage to the smartphone will enable you to operate without a remote.

Contact the Professionals

In case you are in need of further assistance, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door. Our garage door repair service ensures that you get comprehensive coverage against such threats. Our latest technological implementation ensures that you don’t have to deal with such instances. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Infinity Garage Door and secure your home like never before.


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How to Enhance the Resale Value of Your Home with Finished Garage?

It is imperative to understand that the garage is by far one of the most integral parts of the home. With a few tweaks, you can actually increase the resale value of your home. Getting a finished garage with quality garage doors incorporates several aspects. For example, your garage should include improved walls, along with better lighting and flooring option along with tighter security.

So, we have properly curated this article, making you aware of a fished garage door and how you can achieve the same for your home as well.

What does it Mean by Finished Garage? 

Your garage is not just any room in the house to store the vehicle. On the contrary, it is one of the most integral parts which a buyer will notice. Now, prior to selling the house, you can certainly opt for a new paint job. But it can only improve the curb appeal, not the functionality.

If you are able to change your garage into a standalone workplace, that is where its value truly increases. By a finished garage, you can be rest assured to convert your garage just the way you want. You can also go with custom garage doors to bring forth better functionality.

Different Ways to Achieve a Perfectly Finished Garage

 1) Enhance the Walls

The walls are by far the most unappealing part of the garage. Before transforming the garage into a living area, it is very important to work on the walls. Sometimes you might also have exposed insulation as well as wood beams peeping from the wall. You can make use of the insulation along with proper drywall techniques to properly curate a new wall. A completed wall is bound to improve the overall finishing of the wall.

2) Adding Proper Flooring

For the majority of the garages, you will find concrete flooring. If you are going to use your garage only for storing a vehicle, that’s the most common choice you can make. But at the same time, concrete tends to crack over time. One of the best ways around the same is to use a coating specifically designed for concrete floors. This is going to make your floor look more appealing than ever.

Epoxy coating is another viable upgrade you can make to the floors. Epoxy coating tends to be water-resistant as well as it can easily handle a ton of foot traffic. Some of the other alternatives include titles, wooden floors as well as laminations.

3) Finding the Right Storage Solution

There is no rocket science to understand that a cluttered garage is not appealing to the eyes. It is never a wise decision to treat your garage as your secondary storage room. So, if you want to properly manage your garage, you need to declutter it right away. You can start off by discarding all the items that you don’t need. Once that is done, you can start to sort the remaining ones.

Different Storage Solutions

There are several ways in which you can save space within the garage. Some of the most effective storage solutions include:

  • Open Shelving: Inspired from the modern kitchens, you can always count on them. These kinds of shelves designs offer very easy access to all the items stored inside.
  • Overhead Storage: There is a ton of ceiling space; you can make good use within the garage. Overhead storage offers you the right solution keeping your gears organized.
  • Compact Storage: Installing hooks and storage racks are by far one of the most cost-effective storage solutions you can come up with. This, in turn, can help you to store all the hanging tools and other equipment.

4) Adding a New Garage Door 

Although this particular renovation is more on the costlier side, it is by far one of the most effective ones. Getting a high-quality garage door prior to selling your home can increase the value drastically. In fact, you can actually get an 83.7% ROI at the same of selling your home. But replacing your garage door should always be your last resort. If you are using your garage door for more than 15 years, you can certainly get a new one. In other instances, getting assistance from the professionals can easily get you the right bank for the buck.

5) Improving Safety and Security

Packing your garage with all the latest safety features is a must-have. In fact, it also complies with all the recent federal regulations. For starters, getting automatic garage door openers adds the right functionality everyone seeks for. It also comes with an auto-reverse feature, which can really come handy if the buy is seeking safety for children. Some of the newer models of garage door also come with closed-spring designs. This is very effective while discarding the chances of injuries.

6) Increasing the Overall Curb Appeal

Now that you are done with the majority of the functionality chances, you can certainly look forward to increasing the curb appeal. During your garage door replacement, you can always choose the material that resonates with your home. For example, if your house is made on the Victorian model, wooden garage doors are always the right fit.

This is also the right time to get along with any paint job whatsoever. Since the garage door can last for many years to come, your buyer won’t have to change the garage door any time soon. The cost of maintenance for new garage doors is relatively cheaper as well.

Get Your Free Estimate with Infinity Garage Door

We here at Infinity Garage Door strives to provide the best service for our customers. Our garage door insulation Las Vegas ensures that your garage remains secured throughout the year. All of our certified technicians have years of experience to support their proficiency.

With our 24/7 customer service, you can get in touch with us at any time of the day. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the best garage door service and improve the value of your home with Infinity Garage Door.



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Different Ways to Keep Moisture Out of Garage Storage Totes

There is no point in arguing that managing a tote that has been left for a while in your garage can get tedious. The musty smell that you get out of it is mainly due to the moisture the accumulates over time.

Getting garage door inspection can only you over a certain extend. But the best solution is to get the moisture out of your storage tote. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways in which you can achieve the same.

How to Keep Moisture Out of Storage Totes?

If you want to keep the stored items safe and secure, over a longer duration of time, here are some of the most proven ways to achieve the same:

1) Controlling the Humidity of Your Garage

If you are dealing with fluctuating moisture and temperature, these are by far one of the biggest driving factors for moisture. Due to the change in temperature from hot to cold, condensation occurs. The phenomenon happens while keeping food items stored in totes. In fact, items such as clothing and food are affected the same way.

The best way is to store them somewhere; there are moderate temperature and humidity. In other words, the ideal space can be an air-conditioned room. Now, if you are working on your garage, the best way is to use a dehumidifier. This, in turn, will help you to keep the humidity way below the dew point.

2) Adding Moisture Absorbents

This is, by far, one of the cheapest ways to control moisture. Right inside the storage tote, you can stop the condensation process. All you need is a pack of moisture of absorbents while it can help you to soak the moisture.

You can also make yourself a pack of moisture absorbents at home as well. Neither less to say, you should not just leave them inside the storage tote. Once they have accumulated enough moisture, make sure to change them accordingly. Now, it completely depends upon the humidity level of your garage.

3) Drying the Items Before Storing 

If the items already consist of moisture, it can also create condensation within the storage. So always make sure that the items are completely dried before you put them into storage. For example, if you are storing items such as clothes, make sure that they rest for a few hours before storage. Any moisture will evaporate over time.

On the contrary, when it comes to food, it can really get tricky at times. You need to make sure that they are as dry as you can possibly make them. Storing hot food is a big no. Stream coming off is bound to create moisture. So, at least let it rest for half an hour so that it can cool off. Lastly, you need to make sure that the internal and external temperature of the storage tote almost remains the same.

4) Enable Proper Air Flow Within the Garage

It is very important to understand that keeping too may tote at one place can significantly jeopardize the airflow. And with the absence of the airflow, the temperature can increase drastically. Even keeping as little as 12-inches of space between two tote can make enough room for airflow.

Neither less to say, make sure to keep the totes away from the wall as well. It can significantly restrict the airflow as well. If you want to properly circulate the air within the garage, make sure to add a wall-mounted fan. Getting a heavy-duty one can always come handy.

5) Avoid Storing Totes on the Floor

The biggest mistake one can ever make when it comes to storing totes is keeping them on the floor. Instead of which you can always place them on racks, overhead shelves as well as on tables. Storing tote directly on the floor comes with its own sets of disadvantages.

They are always prone to acquiring moisture right from the floor, or even accidental water spills and whatnot. In other words, it can lead to condensation within the tote. And the ground moisture is something you can’t fight no matter what. So, bear this in mind before you resort to keeping them right into the floor.

How to Make Moisture Absorbents at Home?

Going along the road of DIY, you can actually make moisture-absorbent at home. This is not only a cheaper alternative than buying the same from a convenient store but at the same time, it is also fun to make. So, here are the way different ways in which you can make the same:

  • Make Use of Bulk-Produced Silica Gel 

This is by far one of the easiest ways to create moisture absorbent. You can buy silica gel from any of your local stores. Now, based on your storage requirement, you can use the silica gels.

Now get the silica gels and make small pockets out of fabrics. Put the get inside, and you have got yourself desiccant packets completely homemade.

  • Making Use of Charcoal

Charcoals can work just the same way as that of silica gel. Further including, charcoals can also help you to deal with any pungent smell that might come out of the tote.

The overall process of making moisture-absorbent remains the same. But, this time around, all you need is a bigger packet to store the charcoals. Once you get everything right, you are always good to go.

Make sure to go through all the above-mentioned steps, and you will be able to keep moisture away from the storage totes. We here at Infinity Garage Door provides some of the best garage door service Las Vegas. You can actually get comprehensive service from us.

Further including, all of our certified professionals have years of experience offering commercial garage door repair. So, the next time you have a hard time managing your garage door, make sure to give us a call at  (702)890-3611.


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The Ultimate Guide Towards Buying a Garage Fan

If you want to reduce moisture in your garage, the best way to achieve the same is by installing a garage fan. Apart from quality garage doors, this is something that can really come handy, reducing the temperature all year long. But, getting the right fan can get tedious at times. That is why we have properly curated the article, make you aware of the aspects you need to look for.

Different Aspects of a Garage Door Fan

When you are starting out with a garage fan, looking at the user reviews is a very good way to start. But, what worked out for someone else may not work for you. That is why we are introducing all the different aspects that you need to understand for a garage fan. Some of the most important points to consider includes:

1) Physical Size

The overall physical size of the fan is a great determining factor before making the purchase. This, way you can be rest assured that air is properly circulating in the garage. For instance, if you have a large garage, it’s better to opt for a larger fan. But, for the majority of the times, any 18-inch diameter fan will do just fine with you.

On the contrary, if you are working on a constrained space, it is better to stick with a 12-inch fan. But, always choose the fan accordingly.

2) CFM Rating of the Fan

CFM stands for the cubic feet per meter of a fan. In other words, it defines the overall air it can circulate within a specified room within a minute. You can calculate the CFM of a fan when it is at full speed.

Now, the CFM of the garage fan completely depends on the RPM of the fan along with its actual size. So, based on the size of your garage, you need to choose the right CFM of the fan, for 200 sq. Ft. of a garage, anything around 2000 – 3000 CFM is adequate enough. If you have a two-car garage, it would be better to go with something that can offer 4000 – 6000 CFM.

3) Types

There are different types of fans that can serve the same purpose. The only choice you need to make is to find the one that can offer you with constant airflow. So, some of the most commonly used types of garage fan include:

  • Wall-Mounted Fans: As the name suggests, these fans remain stationary while being mounted on the wall. One of the best advantages of getting wall-mounted fans is that they won’t build up dust over time that easily. You don’t have to worry about accidentally falling over the chord as well.
  • Blower Fans: These are by far one of the most heavy-duty fans you can ever get your hands on. They are also effective in keeping the overall temperature down for your garage. Blower fans are the right fit for large garages.
  • Ceiling Fans: If you are looking for the most common choice for the majority of the household, ceiling fans is the one to go for. Pack that with a lighting system, and you have the best garage cooling system on your hand.

4) Noise Level 

For some, the noise produced might not be a crucial factor. But, at the same time, it is still worth considering while getting a garage fan. Sones is the calculated noise level produced by fans. These are essentially set to specified decibels.

So, if you want your garage to be relatively quieter, it is better to opt for a fan that has a sones rating of 4.0 or lower. Then once again, the noise level is completely subjective. Might affect your workflow or may not.

5) Speed Settings

You also need to look for the speed settings offered by the fan. This is crucial in providing enough air circulation to the room. So, always make sure to choose a fan that can offer you multiple speed settings for your garage.

Neither less to say, it can also help you to properly customize your garage. This way, you can make sure whether your garage is able to attain the right temperature and humidity or not. You can also boost the speed when you feel like its getting hotter during the noon.

6) Materials Used

Now we are not saying that there is nothing wrong with a plastic blade whatsoever. But, at the same time, it is only suited for the living room or bedroom. On the contrary, metal fans offer the right durability you need out of a garage fan.

They can also withstand the varied environmental conditions that your garage has to face. You can also take away the thought of accidentally breaking it. Lastly, metal fans can circulate the air in your garage more efficiently.

7) Easy to Clean

While investing in a good quality heavy-duty garage fan, make sure that it is easy to clean as well. In order to take proper care of your fan, make sure that you purchase the one that offers an easy cleaning solution. For example, metal fans tend to be easier to clean.

At the same time, you need to make sure whether they are properly cleaned or not. This will help you to avoid rusting. Further, including, you need to consider if the fan is easier to take apart. This is something that can really come handy at the time of cleaning.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to understand that there are many considerations you need to make before choosing a garage fan. We here at Infinity Garage Door can provide you with the right assistance. With our garage door insulation you can be rest assured to get all the moisture out of your garage. Our list of comprehensive services also includes garage door inspection along with repair and periodic maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our 24/7 customer service and avail the best garage door service you can find in entire Las Vegas.

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Garage Door

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Does your business is in need of a commercial garage door? Getting the right garage door can completely change the flow of your business. While in some instances, it can attract new customers, other times, it can also give you peace of mind. Getting along with an authentic contractor for installation and commercial garage door repair Las Vegas is very important.

With years of experience and customer satisfaction to back us up, Infinity Garage Door outshines the rest. We provide a variety of commercial garage door models to choose from. Working with all the reputed companies, these doors are going to last for years to come.

Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Every commercial and industrial property comes with its own sets of sizes and requirements. Our huge inventory of commercial garage doors can help you to make a better choice. Whether you are using the door for warehousing, agriculture, or for an emergency facility, we have got you covered. Some of the most common types of commercial garage door include:

1) Sectional Commercial Garage Door

While looking out for sectional commercial garage door, there are mainly three product categories in the line. For starters, you have the architectural, industrial, and energy. All of them come with their own sets of advantages. Based on your commercial property, you can choose the right fit.

  • The architectural series is mainly focused on visual aesthetics along with all the basic functionalities. They are generally set up to the storefronts. You can also get these types of doors with interior partitions, which can provide you with added space within the property.
  • You can get the industrial series for commercial properties that tend to have a high level of usage. Offering a ton of customization option, it adds versatility to your commercial property.
  • If you are looking for insulated garage doors, the energy series is just the right fit for you. Well suited of warehouses, you can get the climate control option. You can actually configure these doors for up to an R-Value of 22.

2) Commercial Roll-Up Steel Doors

If you are looking for the most practical solution for indoor and outdoor settings, commercial roll-up steel doors are the most suitable solution. There are a plethora of material options to choose from as well. You can get the same in aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless-steel variants. These doors are also available in insulated as well as a non-insulated option according to your requirement.

  • Small openings for the concession stand to departmental parts, counter doors, and shutters are the most suitable.
  • Roll-up doors for warehouses and storage facilities.
  • Security grills to restrict intrusions along with offering a clear sight. These doors can also help in better airflow throughout the compound.

Commercial Garage Door Service, Repair, and Maintenance

Our services are not only constrained to commercial garage door installation Las Vegas. If your business is having trouble dealing with a malfunctioning garage door, we have got you covered as well. Neither less to say, repairing your commercial garage door is always a cost-effective solution against replacing it.

With our complete line of services, you can get comprehensive coverage against your commercial garage doors. Opting for periodic maintenance will make sure that your door is working flawlessly as intended.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers Across Las Vegas

We here at Infinity Garage Door offers just the right solution to keep your business up and running. Whether you are looking for a new garage door or replacing the existing one, we offer a plethora of models to choose from. Our certified technicians offer garage door maintenance Las Vegas so that you can run your business without worrying about security.

You can always reach out to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Infinity Garage Door and avail the best commercial garage door Las Vegas has to offer.


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Is it Better to Choose a Nylon Garage Door Roller Over a Steel One?

Everyone would agree that for the majority, every garage door roller looks and feels the same. After all, they were built for the same purpose. But, that is certainly not the case with a nylon and steel garage door roller. Even after getting quality garage doors Las Vegas, it is very important to pay close attention to the garage door roller.

After all, there are several advantages of getting a nylon garage door roller over a steel one. Although they are more on the expensive side, you can still get a quieter and durable operation out of it. Neither less to say, they are also less prone to regular wear and tear. So, in this article, we have properly curated a side by side comparison between the two.

Nylon Garage Door Rollers

After the introduction of nylon back in 1938, it has gained popularity in every form of a commercial item. Being a thermoplastic, nylon offers great flexibility. It is due to the same chemical property that nylon is extremely durable. It also requires a very long duration of time in order to break down.

Advantages of Nylon Garage Door Rollers

1) Nylon Garage Door Roller Tends to be Quieter

One of the main reasons behind upgrading to a nylon roller from steel or plastic roller is due to their quieter operation. Since nylon can be molded in any type of shape, it helps to attain a very silky texture. This, in turn, helps to easily glide over wheels.

Neither less to say, nylon rollers also offers less friction. That means it is not prone to wear and tear. The ball bearings attached to the nylon garage door rollers also help to reduce the friction. In fact, the more ball bearings are added to the roller, the quieter it can get. You can get the majority of the nylon rollers having 7 to 13 rollers.

2) Nylon Garage Door Roller Can Last Longer

Another advantage of having a nylon garage door roller is that they are not prone to any rust or corrosion. Similarly, they are also not vulnerable to moisture as well. In other words, even if the entire frame of your garage door is rusted, you can still use the same.

Apart from durability, nylon garage door rollers are also durable just as much as steel. The ball bearings present in them helps in better weight distribution. Further, including, you don’t have to opt for frequent maintenance as well.

Disadvantage of Using a Nylon Garage Door Roller

1) Nylon Garage Door Rollers are Costly

The only downside of using a nylon garage door is that they can get expensive at times. In fact, the cost of nylon rollers is also 40% more than its counterparts. But, looking at the broader picture, nylon rollers can actually last longer with lower maintenance costs. In other words, it’s the upfront cost that’s higher for nylon garage door rollers.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

The main constituent of steel is an iron alloy. So, that makes them extremely durable along with a lower price tag. This is mainly one of the main reasons why steel rollers have gained such popularity in the past few years.

Pros of Using a Steel Garage Door Roller

1) Steel Rollers are Extremely Strong 

One of the most common reasons steel is used in any project is due to their extreme durability. Whether it is due to the construction of buildings or automobile parts, you can find the use of steel everywhere. You can easily use steel garage door rollers for years to come unless it is affected by moisture or corrosion. In some other instances, you can also find the ball bearings to wear down, but the roller remains.

2) Steel Rollers are Inexpensive 

You would be surprised to know that the cost of steel rollers is almost half of any nylon rollers. The main reason being the easy availability of steel. The raw material is very easy to produce. Neither less to say, you don’t have to spend as much on the ball bearings as well.

Cons of Steel Garage Door Rollers

1) Steel Roller can Get Louder

The overall noise created by steel rollers is far greater than anything you can find on a nylon roller. It is imperative to understand that the metal on metal is bound to create friction. Along with that, the regular wear and tear with corrosion can also take a toll on the overall performance.

2) Steel Rollers Requires More Maintenance

There is no point in arguing that steel rollers are always prone to corrosion and rust. That is exactly what becomes their demise. So, in order to properly maintain your garage door roller, you need to opt for periodic maintenance.

How Long Can a Nylon Garage Door Roller Last?

The right duration for a nylon garage door roller completely depends on the following factors:

  • The overall weight of the garage door, along with the track
  • The total number of included ball bearings
  • Whether the bearings are sealed or not

If you are using your nylon roller with unsealed bearings, you can still get 7 to 13 years of life out of it. For some of the longer nylon garage door rollers, such as 11 or 13, ball bearings can actually outlast your garage door. The majority of the time, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Final Takeaway

So, if you are looking for a quality garage door roller, without any budget constraint, our recommendation will reside with a nylon garage door roller. Neither less to say, they are also easier to maintain as compared to its steel counterpart. We here at Infinity Garage Door offer a plethora of garage door service Las Vegas.

Apart from getting durable rollers, you can also avail repair services along with periodic maintenance and inspection. Working with all the major manufacturers and suppliers, we can also assure you authentic garage door parts. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the best commercial garage door repair Las Vegascall for Infinity Garage Door.

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Some of the Do’s and Don’ts to Properly Clean Your Garage Door

We all know what cleaning garage doors Las Vegas actually looks like. You only clean your garage door once in a year, when it looks dirty enough. But you would be surprised to know that there’s more to it. Properly maintaining your garage door is one of the best ways to churn life out of it.

So, we have properly curated this article to make you aware of some of the dos and don’ts while cleaning your garage door. Neither less to say, we shall also describe the correct procedure of cleaning the same.

Do’s of Proper Garage Door Cleaning 

Once you have finally resorted to clean your garage door, here are some of the dos worth following:

1) Clean Your Garage Door One a Regular Basis

This is something we always get wrong. As we were discussing earlier, it is never a wise idea to only clean your garage door when it seems dirty. You should always clean your garage door on a regular basis. It can be based on once a month or even quarterly.

The main reason being, garage doors are always exposed to external elements. That means, all the dust, dirt, and debris on the surface can significantly affect the paint and eat up the surface underneath it. So, giving a little bit of attention can improve the longevity of your garage door.

2) Wax Your Garage Door

Waxing the surface of your garage door can add that extra layer of security. Neither less to say, it also improves the overall finish of the garage door while protecting from external elements. Less exposure means your garage door will not be prone to rust and corrosion as before.

3) Clean the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping around the garage door can help to properly insulate the door. Just using a general-purpose cleaner can help you to clean off the accumulated dirt and debris around it. In fact, this way, you can also keep track of any crack in the weatherstripping.

Don’ts for Proper Garage Door Cleaning 

Just like the dos, there are certain restrictions that you should always follow when it comes to properly clean your garage door:

1) Say No to Pressure Washer

We all understand the convenience you can get out of a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer, you can quickly and easily get the dust out of your garage door. But, at the same time, your garage door is no built to handle that amount of pressure. And eventually, using a pressure washer can damage your garage door over time.

2) Don’t Wash Your Garage Door in Direct Sunlight

Add sunlight and the chemicals present in the soap, and you have got yourself a chalky looking garage door. Neither less to say, mostly made out of metal, your garage is the biggest conductor of heat. Washing your garage door under direct sunlight can mess with its paint. And you don’t want your garage to look all dull and beaten up.

3) Don’t Use Bleach

Cleaning with the beach can be all quick and easy, but it can do the same damage to your garage door, just like cleaning in direct sunlight. Not only will it destroy the protective finish of your garage door, but it can also remove the overall paint.

How to Properly Clean a Garage Door?

Truth to be told, it never takes more than fifteen minutes to half an hour to properly clean a garage door. So, if you can figure out that chunk of time, your garage door is going to last for years to come. Here are some of the easiest ways to clean your garage door:

  • Gathering the Cleaning Supplies

Your first and foremost task is to gather everything you shall need to clean the garage door. Keep with yourself an adequate supply of water. Don’t forget to bring sponges and dry towels. Apart from that, all you need is car wash soap and liquid wax.

  • Pre-Rinse Your Garage Door

Bear in mind, using a pressure washer is still a big no. But, you need to clean the dirt that has accumulated over time. That is why it is very important to rinse them off before applying soap. Otherwise, it might run inside the garage door.

  • Applying Car Wash Soap

Now it’s the time to take out that sponge and washing mitt out of the bucket. We would always suggest you go to a car wash soap. As you start cleaning, make sure to start at the top of the door. Then you can make your way across the door.

  • Rinse the Soap with Garden Hose

Just the way you pre-rinsed your garage door, use the same garden hose to clean all the soap. Just make sure not to use too much pressure on the door. As you are giving it a last clean, it is also the best time to look for missed spots.

  • Dry and Apply Wax

It is very important to completely dry your garage door. Once you have achieved the same, apply your spray wax and let it dry. This will help you to add that extra layer of security over your garage door. Polish your garage door according to your liking.

  • Clean the Weatherstripping

Don’t forget this last step. Before you start celebrating your victory, it is very important to check the weatherstripping of your garage door. If it requires further replacement, now is also the best time to opt for the same as well.

Final Takeaway 

We here at Infinity Garage Door provides one of the best garage door inspection Las Vegas. With years of experience, all of our certified professionals have a clear understanding of the garage door. Our garage door maintenance Las Vegas ensures the longevity of your garage door as well. During our repair and replacement procedure, we always offer authentic garage door parts coming directly from the manufacturer. So, the next time you are looking for maintenance, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door.

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garage door opener Chamberlain

How to find the Right Chamberlain Garage Door Opener?

We all know the convenience of getting an automatic garage door opener. Unlike manual garage doors, you don’t have to open or close the garage door all by yourself. In fact, you can operate your garage door at the convenience of your couch. There are some of the conveniences that you can expect out of a garage door opener Chamberlain. 

The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the various models of Chamberlain openers you can actually find out there in the market. Neither less to say, it can help you to make a better choice.

Various Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Certainly, you can find all the basic functionalities out of any garage door opener. But, Chamberlain speaks out reliability within itself. Here are some of the most sought out models that you find as the best fit for your garage door:

1) Chamberlain B970

  • Comprehensive:  If you want to get your hands on an all-rounder garage door opener, Chamberlain B970 is just the right choice for you. Starting from its strength, connectivity, and power, you can see everything out of the model.  
  • Powerful Motor: With B970, you don’t have to think twice. In fact, it is literally a powerhouse. With a 1 ¼ HP drive, it can offer you just the right amount of power you need out of your door. Thus, you can get a seamless operation out of your door.  
  • Wi-Fi Functionality: The MyQ technology in the garage door opener provides the utmost convenience to the users. Just by using the smartphone, homeowners can operate their garage door with ease. Even when you are outside the home, you can still monitor the same.  
  • In-Built Battery Backup: If you live in an area prone to the power outage, this is something that can really come handy. The in-built battery backup makes sure that even after a blackout, you can still use your garage door for 24 hours.  
  • Lifetime Warranty: Do you know that Chamberlain offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt of the opener. As for the remaining parts, you can still get a five years warranty out of them.

2) Chamberlain WD832KEV

  • All-Rounder: A garage door that not only comes with an affordable pricing option but also packs all the functionalities you need out of it. Now, if you require a garage door that works out of the box, this is the one to go for.  
  • Reliability: The Chamberlain WD832KEV is reliable, durable, and above all, comes with a streamlined design. There is no point in arguing that it is going to last you for ages to come. In fact, it is also one of the most common choices for the majority of American households.  
  • Quieter Operation: With a ½ HP motor, it can be as quieter as it can ever get. As compared to some of the chain drive garage door openers, you can always expect far lesser noise from them. The addition of the Motor Vibration Isolation System is just the cherry on top. So, every time the garage door operates, all the vibrations get absorbed, making it quieter. So, at the end of the day, it is going to provide you with a quieter operation as you have never felt before.

3) Chamberlain C205

  • Most Affordable: For everyone looking forward to a budget-friendly option, the Chamberlain C205 is just the right opener for you. Neither less to say, budget-friendliness is not just the biggest USP of the model. You can still get the most out of the garage door opener. It packs all the power you need, along with the right versatility. Connect your smartphone with the MyQ technology, and you have got yourself a proper functioning smart opener.

4) Chamberlain C870

  • Most Feature Packed: If you are seeking for the most feature-packed, high-tech garage door opener, you are going to enjoy using Chamberlain C870. For starters, you can find all the smart features that come with any other Chamberlain opener. But, along with that, it also packs in-built Wi-Fi. That means you are never going to run again with connectivity issues. Even you can monitor your garage door when you are far away from your home.

Advantages of Getting a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

With a very simple and easy to use mechanism, garage doors can easily last for 10-15 years. At the same time, keeping up with periodic maintenance can increase the longevity of your garage door for 20 years or so. So, here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a Chamberlain garage door opener:

1) Superior Build Quality

One of the main aspects where Chamberlain has done a great job is providing a superior build quality. It won’t be wrong to describe their openers build like a tank. Their name comes with reliability, and you can always a seamless operation for years to come.

2) Automatic Reversal 

Although every single model of garage door comes with some kind of safety reversal mechanism, Chamberlain makes sure that it works flawlessly every single time. With high-quality sensors attached to the same, you can always expect easy reversing when in need.

3) Better Security

Every single model of Chamberlain garage door opener comes with some sort of security feature. Whether you are opting for the most basic model or the top of the line, it can discard any vulnerability from your garage door.

Call for the Professionals 

We here at Infinity Garage Door makes sure that our customers get the top of the line garage door services Las Vegas. All the Chamberlain models come directly from the manufacturers ensuring authenticity above anything else. Further including, we also offer custom garage doors Las Vegas so that you can get the perfect garage door for your preference.

All of our certified professionals are well trained in providing the users right services with utmost satisfaction. Apart from garage door installation, you can also get comprehensive services, including periodic maintenance and repair. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Chamberlain opener today and contact Infinity Garage Door.


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