locked garage door

Learn the Way to Open a Locked Garage Door

Sometimes you might find yourself with a locked garage door. You might end up pressing the remote control of the opener, but you find nothing is happening. Believe it or not, every one of us has gone through such unfortunate circumstances. For a locked garage door, there are varieties of reasons due to which you might come across such mishappening. For example, you might find out that your garage door opener is not working properly or maybe something as trivial as a jammed remote signal.

But, whatever be the reason, we have got you covered. But for the majority of the time, the best course of action is to seek professional assistance. That being said, we have properly curated this article to provide you with the right solution for a locked garage door.

How to Manually Open Your Garage Door from Inside?

While you are trying to open your garage door from inside, make sure that you are following through the correct procedure. Down below is a list of the correct way in which you can open your garage door:

1) Unlock the Garage Door

First, head over to the outside and look for any latch or switch that needs to be unlocked. When you are manually opening your garage door, this is the most common mistake homeowners tend to make. Sometimes locked garage doors from outside can also create a hindrance.

2) Attain a Closed Position for the Garage Door

Make sure that you don’t keep your garage door opened even for an inch. This way, you can easily divert any injury that might happen along the process. Further, including, it can significantly damage the overall condition of your garage door.

3) Disconnecting the Power Supply

Make sure that when you are trying to operate the garage door, no power should be given to the garage door. In case you are dealing with a power outage, this gives you more of a reason to disconnect the same. The same goes for any battery back-up attached to the opener. This can stop any potential hazard that might happen along the way.

4) Finding the Red Emergency Cord

The red color of the emergency cord makes it very easy to find. Sometimes you can find them hanging right in front of your eyes. In fact, they might be hanging from the center track or from the railing. Just bear in mind, before you pull the emergency cord, your garage door should be shut all the way through.

5) Pull the Emergency Cord

Now that you have found the emergency cord, you need to pull the cord in a downward direction. Pulling the emergency release cord will disconnect the trolley from the opener. So, instead of the opener, now you have complete control over the garage door. You can easily operate the garage door manually.

6) Open the Garage Door Carefully

Although now you can easily open your garage door, you need to be extra cautious about opening the garage door. There is no need to open the garage door with brute force. Instead, make sure to pull the garage door upward slowly. In fact, if you want, you can also take assistance from someone else. After removing your vehicle out of the door, close the garage door gradually without putting any strain on the panels.

How About a Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door Opener?

The best solution you can ever come up with when it comes to a locked garage door is the use of Wi-Fi enabled opener. Now, we are not saying that there is anything wrong while using a manual opener. But the advancement of technology has made it quite obvious for the upgrade. Neither less to say, with every year, the size and weight of garage doors are also increasing exponentially.

Now, these smart garage door openers also add a ton of flexibility to the table as well. Whether it be your smartphone or tablet, you can easily operate your garage door with ease. Neither less to say, they also come with battery back-ups. This is something that can really come handy in case you live in a blackout prone area. From a standard battery back-up, you can always expect 24 hours of seamless operation easily. The inclusion of sensors also protects your garage door from intruders. In other words, smart garage door openers are investments worth making.

Think About Checking the Locks

Sometimes you find a locked garage door for something as trivial as locks. There is no rocket science to understand that in case of a stuck lock, you can’t access your garage door properly. This is where calling a locksmith can really come handy. Either by repair or replacement, you can easily operate your garage door.

For other instances, a garage door technician can also provide you with the best advice. Having years of experience really helps them to build a better understanding of the garage door. In fact, they know all the ins and outs of a garage door, which is hard to understand for any homeowner. So, they can help you get a better grasp of the situation.

Take Assistance from the Professionals at Infinity Garage Door 

Sometimes you might find our instruction hard to keep up. Now, there is nothing wrong with the same. We here at Infinity Garage Door have got you covered. In case you find yourself with a locked garage door, you can always get the right assistance from us. Further including, we offer comprehensive garage door repair service Las Vegas for all of your garage door needs.

As our customer, we strive to provide you with state of the art services. Our customer care services are available 24/7/365 so that you don’t have a hard time reaching out to us. We make sure that once you give a call to us, we leave you with a properly functioning garage door. So, the next time you find yourself under such a situation, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door.


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Wayne Dalton Garage Door

Why Choose Wayne Dalton Garage Doors for Your Home Remodeling?

If you are looking forward to some of the most profound names in the industry, Wayne Dalton garage door is one of the best to consider. The name comes with the assurance of a quality garage door. Whether you are using Wayne Dalton for the first time or accustomed to their quality, you will appreciate the reliability. With Wayne Dalton, you can always expect your garage door to be fast, reliable, safe, secure, and above all, durable enough to last for years. In this article, we are going to discuss the various materials you can get your Wayne Dalton garage door. Along with that, the reasons to consider one in the first place.

What are the Benefits of Wayne Dalton Garage Doors? 

As we have already discussed throughout the article, Wayne Dalton provides some of the best feature-rich garage doors. Customers have complete control over the customization that goes into the garage doors. This is something that the competitors certainly lack. Some of the most renounced features that are exclusively available for all the Wayne Dalton garage doors include:

  • TruChoice Color System: Customers can personalize their Wayne Dalton doors just the way they want. Whether you have a specific design or color in mind, you can always opt for the same. With the help of the TruChoice color system, homeowners can choose from 6000 colors for their garage door.
  • Thermal Insulation:  For everyone looking forward to saving on the electricity bills, Wayne Dalton comes with thermally insulated garage doors. No matter the temperature outside your home, you can always keep your house safe.
  • TorqueMaster Counterbalance: The counterbalance system introduced by Wayne Dalton can keep your garage door safe by storing the springs inside the steel tube. This restricts the springs from being exposed to the environment. It significantly reduces the potential of getting rusted or catching moisture.

Different Materials You Can Find with Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

As stated earlier, all the Wayne Dalton garage door comes with quality materials. Whenever you are getting a new garage door, you are getting the best out of Wayne Dalton. Some of the most common materials you can find for Wayne Dalton aluminum, steel, wood, and even a mix and match of the same. This, in turn, provides the users with the flexibility of choice. That being said, here is a list of the in-depth analysis of all the materials available at Wayne Dalton.

1) Aluminum

Aluminum garage doors are mainly known for their extreme lightweight and durability. Neither less to say, you can actually get a plethora of configurations out of aluminum. Some models go far beyond as adding reflective glasses to the garage door. For example, with the Model 8450, you can actually get mirrored or opaque glass design. In case you want something extra, you can also add powdered coating with the frame. Now, if you are looking for something in a contemporary design, the Model 8800 is just the right one for you. It packs all the ergonomics with a very appealing design language.

2) Fiberglass

With fiberglass, you can attain the same luxury as that of glass, without the compromises. Wayne Dalton offers the Model 9800, which comes with a designer fiberglass finish. You can also find the same model in woodgrain texture as well. Neither less to say, with the outer construction made out of steel, it makes it extremely durable. So, if you are someone who is looking forward to one of the most comprehensive garage doors, this is the one to go for.

3) Vinyl

As we all know how vinyl garage doors are considered to be the safest for the kids. This is mainly due to the great durability along with its ability to resist dents and scratches to a higher degree. The Model 8700 is one such fine example of a vinyl garage door. These garage doors require very little to almost no maintenance whatsoever. But, bear in mind, there is still a customization option with these garage doors. You can choose from different panel types along with the inclusion of windows and glass options.

4) Steel

While discussing steel, you can actually get a plethora of options to choose from. In fact, steel is by far one of the most versatile materials you can currently find out there in the market. Although you can use steel as it is, but also match them with other materials like glass or wood composite to improve the visual appeal. Models such as 8300 and 8500 are the most versatile among the lot. While both of them come with a very classic design, you can still get some of the best insulation. In fact, their R-value is 12.12 and 16.22, respectively.

5) Wood

Wood is by far one of the most luxurious materials you can find from Wayne Dalton. If set right, they can provide you with the best curb appeal. With the 7400 series, you can actually build the dream wood garage door. It offers an intuitive flush design along with a look resembling the carriage style. But, don’t get fooled by the wood. Wayne Dalton offers eight different types of patterns to choose from. The stile construction with solid wood frames ensures that your door is going to last for years to come. Get in touch with us, and you can look for other alternatives as well.

Your Wayne Dalton Garage Door is Just a Call Away

We here at Infinity Garage Door always put forward our customer preferences above anything else. With our top of the line Wayne Dalton garage door installation Las Vegas you can always expect quality garage doors. Whether you are in the hunt for a contemporary design or looking for something, caters your classic needs, we have got you covered. We offer a variety of garage door services, including garage door maintenance Las Vegas and repair. So, without wasting any further time, if you are someone looking forward to Wayne Dalton doors, Infinity Garage Door is the right place to look for.



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torsion spring wind direction

Determining Right Wind Direction for Your Torsion Spring

Replacing your garage door torsion spring is by far one of the most common repairs you can perform over your garage door. One of the most common aspects to look for in the repair is the torsion spring wind direction.  Every spring in the garage door is set to a particular winding. Opting for the wrong wind can result in your garage door to completely stop operating. In this article, we are going to discuss the winding.

What are the Important Things to Consider While Getting a Torsion Spring?

Finding the right torsion spring wind direction is very important. With a plethora of torsion springs available out there in the market, it is never a good idea to get along the guessing game. Down below is a list of some of the factors for having a better understanding of the torsion spring:

1) The Spring Configuration 

There are mainly two types of spring configuration. You can either get your torsion spring in a single or dual configuration. In order to get a proper grasp of the concept, you can always check the brackets and stationary cone. If the pointer is either on the left or right side, that just means it has a single configuration. If it is in the middle, then you can get along with a dual configuration.

2) The winding of the Spring 

Coming to the good part, this is where the majority of the people get wrong. In fact, it is quite easy to actually determine the winding of your torsion spring. If the spring is winded in a clockwise direction, then it is a right-wind spring. Similarly, for anti-clockwise, you are left with a left-wind spring. You will find the end of the wire on the same side as well. Although it can be hard to determine the winding from the front side, you can easily look at the back.

3) Weight of the Door

The weight of the door is also a driving factor based on which you can find the right spring. Look for the right weight capacity of the spring and choose accordingly. Bear in mind; there is nothing wrong with a spring for larger capacity. If it can fit in your door, you will do just fine. But, getting something that’s way below the weight capacity can put your garage door in jeopardy.  

How to Detect a Broken Garage Door Spring? 

When it comes to figuring out broken garage door spring, it can be found in a variety of ways. Some of the most common techniques include:

1) Checking the Appearance of the Spring 

In fact, you can just have a look at your garage door spring and tell a lot about the same. Some of the major visual red flags include:

  • If you find that the torsion spring is stretched out than usual. This is a clear indication that the tension within the spring is long gone. This is something you can easily notice while closing the garage door.
  • Almost a two-inch gap into the spring. This is a clear indication that the spring is almost at the end of its life cycle. Chances are, under such circumstances, the spring might snap at any time.

2) Checking How the Garage Door is Functioning?

You can also figure out when there is something with your torsion spring, by the way, your garage door is functioning. Some of the most prominent indications are:

  • You will find that your door looks crooked or off the track during operation
  • Finding misalignment at the top section of your garage door
  • Just after opening a couple of includes, the garage door closes again
  • The door abruptly falls during closing
  • A dangling cable attached to the garage door
  • The garage door doesn’t open at all

3) Any Loud Noise You Hear

When the torsion spring of the garage door breaks, it will make a loud bang. The sound is something you might have never heard before. The reason behind such a huge impact is due to the huge pressure associated with the spring. In case you have missed the sound, you can find your garage door making buzzing noise during operation. This can provide you with a clear indication that you need to change your torsion spring.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the torque of the torsion spring?

Mathematically, the torque of the torsion spring is given by force X arm.

M = F * A.

You can determine the force of the torsion spring by measuring its half leg length. The higher is the force exerted over the leg, the less force you can get out of the torsion spring. On the contrary, if you want to calculate the angle of rotation, it can be done only with an unloaded position.

Why the Leg Position Matters for a Torsion Spring?

You can find the standard torsion spring only in four different leg positions. The leg position is determined with an unloaded torsion spring. The leg positions are available in either 0°, 90°, 180° or 270°. Determining the position of the leg can help you to mount the torsion spring with the least correction required.

Generally, the torsion spring will be mounted when it is in a pre-tension position. Make sure to use as many coils as possible. This, in turn, will discard any excessive angular deflection that might come along with way. This way, you can also get the most life out of your torsion spring.

Final Takeaway

The above-mentioned are some of the most common factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to changing torsion spring. We here at Infinity Garage Door offers one of the best solutions when it comes to broken garage door spring Las VegasOur certified technicians are well versed with all complicated garage door repairs that you can’t attain yourself. Starting from installation, periodic maintenance to garage door spring repair Las Vegas, we have got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the best garage door services in Las Vegas, from Infinity Garage Door.

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Aluminum Garage Door

Make the Most Out of Indoor-Outdoor Living with Garage Screens

Whether you are rocking quality garage doors or not, using garage screens can open a whole new world of possibilities. It is not only just useful but in the end, it can drastically increase the resale value of your home. Some of the best features of retractable garage screens are that it can instantly change your garage into a custom outdoor place.

As more people are becoming aware of screens for the garage door, they are applying the same. As the garage doors are becoming the number one point for entry, homeowners are looking forward to using the same in different ways. As the majority of us are being forced to live within our houses, now is the best time than ever to make such explorations. That being said, the sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the advantages and what modern screens can offer you.

 Modern Garage Screens for Every Style of Door

One of the versatilities of screens is that it can actually fit most of the garage doors. After proper installation of the garage screen, it can be easily moved throughout the house. There are a plethora of options when it comes to garage screens. Here are some of the most common types you can find out there in the market:

  • Roll Up Screen Doors: The roll-up screen doors are the least expensive within the lot. But, at the same time, they are one of the best DIY options to play around. This is particularly applicable for homeowners who rarely use the screens for garage doors. All you need to have is a header and jamb while using the zipper or magnetic system for operating the screen.
  • Retractable Screens: The majority of the retractable screens are installed with the help of the housing system. They are mainly attached to the header. You can easily use a remote control to operate the garage screen. If you are lazy enough, this is something that can really come handy.
  • Sliding Screen Doors: As the name suggests, since they are sliding in nature, the system remains fixed. The remote comes with programmable buttons that can be used to either open or close the sliding door.

But, all the different types of garage screens come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. So, always makes sure to take assistance from a professional door installer for proper guidance. Just bear in mind, there is no harm in paying that extra price when it comes to getting high-quality screens.

 Benefits of Getting Screen Doors for Your Garage

If you are considering getting screen doors for your garage, down below is a list of some of the benefits you can reap from the same:

 1) Expanding the Overall Square Footage

It is no rocket science to understand that once you start to convert the majority of the garage into living space, you are left with square footage. This extra space can really come handy in case you are trying to host a party. Similarly, if you have a teenager living at your home, that extra space is worth investing for.

 2) Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, you can bring down the overall cost of your electric bill installing a screen. As you open up a large portion of the garage door, there is no need for portable AC or fans to deal with the built-up heat. You can get an easier airflow throughout the house. During the evening, it can also keep the environment cool or everyone to just relax and chill. So, you can save on the seasonal cooling, that would have been spent otherwise. 

3) Protect from Insects

Installing a screen door doesn’t mean you need to completely remodel your garage. But, it is just like an open invitation to the insects while opening your garage door. Keeping a screen in place makes sure that you can use your garage door seamlessly without bothering about the same. In fact, you can also neighbor’s pet away using a screen. In other words, you can avail all the features without the use of buy zappers or use pungent odors of insect repellents. 

4) Makes Your Garage Look Clean

Whenever you open your garage door, chances are, even the slightest of breeze will invite all the dust in the world. This, in turn, not only makes your garage dirty but also unhygienic as well. This is where the screen comes to save the day from a messy garage door. Neither less to say, it can also save the tracks of your garage from the dust and debris that gets accumulated over time. 

5) Improved Security

There are several homeowners who tend to keep their garage doors open whenever they are within the house. But, this turn can significantly put the security of the garage door in jeopardy. Screen doors can add that extra layer of security, buy creating a barrier between the garage and contents inside. If someone is trying to enter, removing the screen is bound to create noise. So, even the slightest of motion can make you vigilant.

 Getting the Right Screen for Your Garage Door

As technology is constantly evolving, the right screen not only can keep the bugs away but also protects from high winds. Using a screen, you can add that extra layer of security to your home. Even it can significantly reduce the impact of hurricanes on your garage. There are some models that can also dampen the surrounding sounds. In others, screens are the perfect companion for your garage door.

Here at Infinity Garage Door Repair, we strive to provide some of the best garage door repairs. Our garage door maintenance Las Vegas makes sure that your garage door can provide the right service all year long. Apart from garage screens, you can also get quality garage doors installations. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to avail of the best garage door services in Las Vegas, call Infinity Garage Door today.

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garage door belt replacement

Threats that Your Electric Garage Opener Poses Against Lightening

One would be surprised to know the devastating damages that lightning can cause to your garage door. If you are living in areas that are prone to thunderstorms, it is very important to keep garage door opener repair in your arsenal. Neither less to say, it causes millions of dollars of losses every single year in the entire United States.

Although your garage door won’t take any direct hit to the garage door, it can easily surge through the ground, water pipes, or any other object. With garage doors being one of the primary entrances of the house, it can really get frustrating at times. In this article, we have properly curated what the most common damages are. You will also find some of the backup plans, along with the benefits of installing a battery. 

Damages Caused to Electric Garage Door Openers

Two of the most unpredictable aspects of lightening is that you don’t know where exactly it is going to hit and the damages it would cause. In this section, we are going to primarily discuss the common symptoms that openers have when lightening or power surge damages them. One of the most common reasons being, the battery of the garage door opener dying.

Once you are done with the initial checkup, now make sure that the unit is properly plugged in. Sometimes over periodic usage, it can become loose disconnecting the entire unit. Now, if the problem still persists, make sure to look for the signs mentioned below:

  • No Light on Sensor: If you are unable to find blinking light over your garage door sensor, there won’t be any power for the overall unit.
  • Light without any Operation: other circumstances you will find that the light is on, yet you are unable to operate the opener. This is a clear indication; there is an interruption between the signal and the mechanism.
  • Flashing Lights: If your motor unit is flashing light, it is a clear indication of being struck by lightning.
  • Burning Smell from Motor: Any electrical surge will definitely burn or melt the wirings within the motor. Using the same under such circumstances can cause further damage to the door.
  • Ghosting in the System: The term ghosting is specifically coined when there are unpredictable behaviors. If you find your garage door opening and closing on its own, this is a clear indication that it’s been struck by lightning.

 Backup Plan for Power Outage

Certainly, you can easily escape lightning, but the power outage that comes after that is annoying. If it for a couple of hours, you will do just fine. But, anything longer than that, and you are in serious trouble. This is where it makes more sense to have a backup plan for such circumstances.

You can always open your garage door for inside manually. But, it is always easier said than done. Under such circumstances, it is better to rely upon powerful battery backup systems. They come with a plug and play installation. And most importantly, they can hold enough powers to help you use your garage door for hours to come. 

What are the Benefits of Battery Backup?

When you are living in an area that is more prone to lightning and power outage, the best course of action is to actually find a battery backup. Regardless of the size of your garage door, you can find battery packs for any flow. There are several advantages that you can reap from the same. You can always get the right assistance. So, while making your purchase for battery backup, make sure to look for the following considerations:

  • Installation and Overall Set-up: 

    The overall set-up for the battery unit should be fairly minimal. For the majority of the times, you can mount the power units above the garage door opener. Using this add-on can make your garage door functional for hours, even after a power outage.

  • Longer Battery Life: 

    If you want a seamless battery usage, make sure to get a unit that can last for a longer duration of time. The general lifespan of such battery backups is almost for three years or so. Keep that in mind as well.

  • Connect and Forget: 

    The sole idea behind installing a battery backup is the convenience that it provides to the consumer. Connect the pack to your household’s electrical unit, and you are done with the same. Another benefit is that there is no requirement for maintenance or further servicing. All you need to do is, check how the charges are holding up every six months. In other words, battery backup installations should be in such a way that you should connect and forget.

  • Peace of Mind: 

    If your battery backup is giving you a hard time, make sure to change the same immediately. The battery unit should provide you with peace of mind, where you don’t have to worry about power outage anymore.

  • Plenty of Capacity: 

    The standard for battery backup is 24 hours or 50 times of opening and closing your garage door. Make sure to take note of whether your battery backup is living up to that standards. Sometimes you can find your door opening and closing slower than normal. You can certainly, count the same as well.

Silver Fox is one of the most versatile garage door company Las Vegas providing a comprehensive solution against power surges and lightning. All of our certified professionals are well aware of working with such machinery. We provide authentic garage door opener parts for all the repairs. Under any unfortunate circumstances, we are just a call away.

Our emergency garage door services ensure that you get your garage door fixed at any time of the day. Whether it is during a story night or in the middle of the day, we have got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and avail the best opener repair in town.


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Garage Door

Which Garage Door Insulation is Best for Me?

It is imperative to understand that all the homeowners are actively looking for different ways to make their garage door more energy efficient. Opting for garage door insulation seems to be the wisest decision of the lot. Insulating the garage door makes sure that during winter, your ho remains heated while keeping the overall cost to a bare minimum. This is mainly applicable if your garage is directly attached to your home. Under such circumstances, it can definitely be the primary reason for heat loss.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything that goes into choosing the right insulation. The types of insulation available out there in the market, the different materials for insulation and whatnot.

Different Types of Insulation 

We already know how choosing the right type of insulation can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your door. Some of the most commonly used types of insulation are down below:

  • Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is often flexible; as a result, you can find them stuffed to the external walls. Batt insulations are often backed up by foils or even papers, which helps to act as the air barriers. This is, by far, one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to garage door insulation. Their insulation value ranges from R-3 to R-4.

  • Foam Board Insulation

Foam boards are rigid in nature as a result of which they can provide higher insulation, even being thin. You can easily find foam board insulation ranging from R-3.3 to even R-6.5. Foam board insulation works best with Aluminum or Vinyl.

  • Reflective Insulation 

As the name suggests, reflective insulation consists of reflective aluminum foils, which can be applied on either side of the insulation material. This can be either cardboard or polyethylene bubbles. The sole purpose of reflective insulation is to radiate heat. This can really come handy if your garage tends to heat up during summer.

Advantages of Insulating Your Garage Door

Insulating your garage door comes with certain advantages. Having a clear understanding of all the benefits that you can reap from insulating your garage door can help you to make a better choice.

1) Increases Energy Efficiency

Insulating your garage door can provide you with benefits either way. It can help you to trap heat during winter while keeping your garage cool during summer. Keeping a moderate temperature within the garage can help you to significantly bring down the overall cost of the garage door. This is mainly beneficial if you have an attached garage with your home. Insulation can provide you with the right solution while keeping your garage door closed.

2) Quieter Operation

If you want a quieter operation for your garage door, it is better to go with garage door insulation. Insulated doors tend to damp the noise coming from outside. At the same time, it can also reduce the sounds that come from operating your garage door. Further including, insulation can also absorb vibration that comes from the track of your garage door. Now, if your garage door is placed at the entryway or right next to your living room, this can really come handy.

3) Increases the Overall Strength

There is no point in arguing that the over the fact that insulated garage doors pack more strength that a non-insulated one. They can easily withstand wear and tear along with all the dents that come from vehicles. Due to insulation, doors are resilient to rust, which is quite common for non-insulated garage doors. Typically, you can find insulated garage doors made out of reinforced steel. They are long-lasting and can resist the majority of the external elements like heat or sun.

4) Comfortable Environment 

If you want extreme comfort, it gives you enough reason to insulate your garage door. Opting for high-quality insulation can provide the homeowners with an all seasoned garage door. In fact, one can also use their garage as an additional living room after applying for insulation. Lastly, it can provide a better storage solution for your vehicles and other items.  

Different Layers of Garage Door Insulation

Modern garage door insulation comes in three different layers. They are as follows:

  • Single-Layer Garage door: Single-layer doesn’t actually provide any type of insulation to the door. As the name suggests, they are just made out of single panels. On the contrary, these kinds of garage doors provide an affordable solution to the homeowners who are running low on budgets.
  • Double-Layered Garage Door: The additional layer comes from the addition of polyurethane or polystyrene foam. Double-layer garage doors can provide better energy efficiency to the garage. At the same time, you also get a soundproofing solution for the homeowners. Neither less to say, they have a better level of construction.
  • Triple-Layer Garage Door: If you want the ultimate garage door insulation, make sure to go with a triple-layer design. The foam insulation is actually sandwiched between two layers of the door material, be it steel or wood. It also comes with a galvanized layer in order to protect the insulation of the door.

What is the R-Value of a Garage Door?

While shopping for garage door insulation, you must have come across the term R-value of the garage door. It is, by far, one of the most important aspects while measuring insulation. The R-value defines the barrier ability of the insulation and how effectively it can slow heat transmission. That means a higher R-value defines a better quality of garage door. The most common R-value that homeowners opt for is R-16.

Final Takeaway

Infinity Garage Door excels when it comes to providing commercial garage door repair Las Vegas. Apart from keeping your garage door well checked, we can also provide the right insulation solution. Our garage door maintenance Las Vegas makes sure that before applying insulation, your door is working at its full capacity. We also offer a plethora of choices when it comes to new garage door installation. In other words, you can get comprehensive coverage while working with us for your garage door.

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Infinity Garage

Top Five Garage Door Openers of All Time

When it comes to quality garage doors Las Vegas, the next thing that comes to our find is the opener that you want to go for. Just a quick search over the internet is going to blow your mind with the varieties of options market offers. For everyone who has already used manual garage doors, the convenience of a push-button open opener is worth cherishing. 


Certainly, there are several perks when it comes to using an automatic garage door opener. But, getting the right one can certainly make your life as seamless as possible. In fact, the sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the top five garage door openers you can currently buy out there in the market. 


Different Types of Garage Door Openers

When it comes to finding garage door openers, there are mainly two different kinds. This is defined by the various methods in which they lift the garage door: 


1) Drive Openers

Drive openers by far one of the most common types of residential garage door openers. Their overall operation is also kept fairly minimal. Generally, you can find the units hanging from the brackets throughout the centerline of the garage door. Within the unit contains an electric motor which can power various drives. Some of the most common being used include belt, chain, or screw drive.


You can find the trolley running along the track, right above the opening, This, in turn, connects to the arm which is located at the top of the door. The back and forth movement of the trolley results in the opening and closing of the garage door. Bear in mind; all the units also come with a quick-release mechanism that allows the user to operate the door manually. This is something that can really come handy during a power outage or even system failure. 


2) Jackshaft Opener

This particular unit is attached at the side of the garage door. As the torsion rod moves, it helps the door to go up and down as well. One of the biggest benefits of using Jackshaft opener is that it doesn’t take up ceiling space as compared to its drive counterpart. In fact, it doesn’t even require a separate unit for rail assembly. 


You won’t be feeling any vibrations that come from the ceilings. So, if your living room is just right over the garage, this is the ideal opener for you. Some of the other components that come with these kinds of openers include a tension monitor, torsion rod along with a door lock.


Top Five Garage Door Openers


1) Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain B970 garage door opener comes with the MyQ app which provides the homeowners with the ability to monitor the status of their garage door. Even when you are away from the garage door, you can still use the same. For added durability, it comes with belt drive along with reinforced steels. The included Wi-Fi can help you to connect with the home router. The triband technology embedded within enables it to increase the range. Lastly, it comes with a wireless keypad and a wall control panel. 


2) LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8500 comes with a Jackshaft opener that can be easily mounted on the wall. This, in turn, provides with a clearer ceiling area. The LiftMaster 8500 causes least ceiling vibration, creating a calm environment around the garage. The security system that it comes with can send new codes every time the door is used. This means you can stay secured against home intruders. The included battery ensures a seamless usage, even when there is a power outage. Comes with a safety feature which can stop the door from moving, if anything comes under it. 


3) Genie 7035-TKV Garage Door Opener

One of the biggest USP of Genie 7035-TKV is Intellicode which provides rolling code technology. It comes with a chain drive mechanism along with three-button programmable remote. The separate light button that comes with it can easily work as your garage light. One of its other strong point is the battery backup. It can provide the user with up to 50 cycles of door operation. Specially designed for all the 7-foot standard doors. The included door locks ensure that you keep your home safe, even when you are away from it. 


4) Genie 2035-TKV Garage Door Opener

The Genie 2035-TKV Garage Door Opener comes with a very durable chain drive that can actually offer durability. In fact, the soft-start makes sure that it significantly reduces the overall wear and tear. It comes with a wireless keypad along with offering a seamless operation using a PIN. It consists of a multi-functional wall console which actually prevents the door from opening if being away from a longer duration of time. Lastly, it comes with only two pre-programmed remotes, which can be really handy for customization. 


5) Craftsman ½ HP Garage Door Opener

The Craftsman ½ HP Garage Door Opener comes with its own set of wireless pads which have programmable four-digit pins. Its updated security system sends a new code after the remote is used. It also offers compatibility with the HomeLink in-vehicle which can provide the user with an open signal system. Apart from that, it comes with all the safety sensors, which are important for a garage door. The opener works well with all the 7 ft. high standard garage doors. 

Infinity Garage Door offers one of the best garage door repairs. Our certified technicians always prefer to provide customers with quality services. Our list of services includes new garage door installation, repair, periodic maintenance, and garage door inspection Las VegasWorking with some of the best garage door manufacturers and suppliers, you can always expect quality and authentic parts from us as well. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our customer care and avail the best garage door services money can offer. 


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garage inspection

Finding the Right Ways to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage

So, it is finally a fine Sunday afternoon, and you left all of your personal belongings to the garage door. Chances are the decent guy you see walk past your home is probably a burglar. And he exactly knows how ill secured your garage door is. Opting for garage door repair may keep your garage door all up and running, but there is more to it than the eyes can see. 

The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of some of the best security tips that go into securing your garage door. Now, bear in mind that some of the installations might require professional assistance as well. 

Different Ways to Secure Your Garage Door

1) Improve Outdoor Lighting

There is no point in arguing that burglars prefer to break in at night. Keeping the area around your garage door dark is more like an open invitation to them. One of the best ways to work around the same is by installing motion-activated floodlights. You can easily place them near the windows and right above the door. This way, any burglar will always think twice before entering your property. This is something that can always come handy when there are any repair works going around the garage. 


2) Creating Open Landscape

It is very important to make sure that the area around your garage door is not dark and covered with tall bushes and trees. There are some burglars who can even sneak into your property even in broad daylight. Being able to get a clear view of the front and rear of your garage can certainly help you. You can even plant some thorny bushes under the windows of your garage to keep burglars away as well. 


3) Keeping Your Door Locked

Initially, it might seem like a no brainer, but for the majority of the tips, theft occurs due to open garage doors. In other words, keeping your garage door left open is just like inviting the intruder inside your home. In fact, studies have shown that keeping your garage door closed can significantly decrease the rate of burglary by up to 50%. Opting for a garage door sensor can also help you deal with the bad habit. The automatic garage door closer will always keep your garage door closed when left unchecked for a longer duration of time. For added protection, you can also go with an automatic garage door lock. 


4) Don’t Keep Everything at Your Garage

You will be surprised to know that even keeping your garage door windows open can assist the burglar. It can help them to give a quick overview of what’s in your garage before they hit their payday. That is why make sure to only keep bare minimal in your garage door. Opting for the interior curtain is also a great way to keep the lights in a while, covering the windows. 


5) Hide Your Garage Door Remote

If you have an automatic garage door opener, make room for the remote inside your house. Often times, people leave their remote to the visors of their cars. The thieves won’t hesitate for a second before using it for their own benefit. Now, if you tend to forget where you have kept the remotes, the best course of action is to apply for a keychain remote. This way, you can make sure that its always with you. Now, if you believe that you might lock your family members within the garage, you can easily leave a spare remote to your neighbors. 


6) Using a Garage Shield

All credit goes to the mass media for making it so easy to actually break into a garage door. In fact, there are burglars who can enter into your garage under one minute using just a coat hanger. Some of the cheaper options could be to use a zip tie or cutting your emergency release cord altogether. But this significantly reduces the safety of your garage door. Another way around the same is to use garage shields. They tend to cover the emergency release cord while making it almost impossible for the burglars to break-in. It’s very inexpensive and comes with easy installation options. 


7) Opting for Periodic Maintenance

It is never easy to actually break into a properly maintained garage door. So, always make sure to opt for periodic maintenance at least once every three to four months. This way, you don’t have to worry a dime about someone breaking into the house. Neither less to say, periodic maintenance improves the overall longevity of the garage door. You can also opt for reinforced locks, which provides you with the ability to actually further secure your garage. You can always go with a single-sided deadbolt. One of their biggest advantages is that it can’t be picked from outside. 


8) Securing Your Home Entrance

It’s not like we have any particular beef with garage doors. But, they are most vulnerable to a burglar. But at the same time, don’t forget the other doors that lead to your house. For example, your home entrance can also jeopardize the security of your home. That being said, always make sure to remember the lock of your entry door. In order to further secure the door, you can also use door spike plates. None the less, you can also add sensors to the home entrance as well. 

Infinity Garage Door provides some of the best garage door service Las Vegas. Starting from broken garage door spring Las Vegas to changing worn cables, you can get comprehensive services from us. That being said, all of our technicians are certified according to the industry standards while having years of experience in the field. That being said, you can always reach out to us, 24/7 around the clock. So, whether it is regarding repair works or to improve the security of your garage, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door Repair. 

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Garage Door Sensors

Is it Good to Remove Garage Door Sensors?

There is no point in arguing that everyone gets concerned when it comes to their home security. Be it the bedroom, garage, or even door locks; no one wants to see them bypassed. Opting for garage door inspection ensures that everything remains completely secured. But, at the same time, there are several instances where your garage door sensor can actually create hindrance with the overall workflow. 

Starting with the fact, it is never a good option to permanently remove the garage door sensors, but at the same time, bypassing it becomes a necessity. The whole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the importance of garage door sensors lastly, if there comes the need, how to actually disable them. 

What Exactly is a Garage Door Sensor?

While opting for garage door maintenance, you can always find two beams of lights coming out of your garage door. That is exactly where the garage door sensor resides. Neither less to say, they are safety add-ons for your garage door. One of their biggest functions is to stop your garage door from falling on anyone. This is something that can really come handy if you have a bunch of kids playing around the house. 

The working principle of garage door sensors is very easy. A low voltage beam of light completes the switch whenever the garage door is running. You can actually find garage door sensors on either side of the door. By today’s standards, the majority of the garage door has display sensors. These help the homeowners to actually track down their maintenance cycle. Troubleshooting the sensors are easy as well. All you need to go is to operate the garage door while keeping track of the sensor. Now, if you are still using a traditional garage door, make sure to opt for an automatic one. 

Advantages of Getting Garage Door Sensors

When it comes to using garage door sensors, here are some of the advantages that you can reap from using it: 

  • Safety:  The first and foremost thing that one needs to look for in a garage door is safety. Especially if you have kids and pets, sensors can provide you with the right assistance. Garage door becoming riskier than ever, sensors have become the new essential. 
  • Convenience: The convenience is something we always strive for. This is something that really comes handy during winters. The majority of the time, you will find your garage door getting stuck to the snow. So, instead of going outside to the freezing cold, your sensor can open or close them with just the click of a button.
  • Protection to Your Home: Although you were able to bypass the garage door sensor, not everyone else can do the same. This is one of the biggest USP of garage door sensors with all the sense of security. With modern equipment, you will always find the rolling code changing. So, make sure to ask the installer for using the latest technology.
  • A plethora of Choices: When it comes to sensors, you have a variety of options to choose from. In fact, you can actually get sensors is every other price bracket. So, there is nothing to worry about the same as well. If you are running on a tight budget, you can still get one. 

Bypassing the Garage Door Sensor

There are several instances where you are not able to open your garage door. Ultimately, the only resort left is to bypass the locks in order to get inside. Under such circumstances, it is very important to know to disable the sensor. Down below is a list properly curated on how to bypass the same: 

  • Disconnecting the Power Supply


First thing first, you need to make sure that there is no power supply to the garage door. For all the automatic garage door, make sure to disconnect the sensors as well. Just bear in mind, there is nothing to worry about the same. You can still access your garage door manually. 

  • Disconnecting the Emergency Release Cord


After you are done disconnecting the power supply, it is very important to make sure that you are disconnecting the release cord as well. It is as easy as it can ever get. The emergency release cord is oftentimes connected with the spring. So, it will halt the door trolley if you disconnect the release cord. 

  • Manually Operating the Door


Make sure to reconnect the door with the opener, if you want a seamless repair. That being said, it is always a better option to manually operate your garage door for the time being. This will also ensure the utmost safety for your garage door. 

  • Changing the Photo Eyes Sensor


Till now, you have finally been able to bypass your garage door sensor. Make sure to change the photo eyes as they are the most integral part of your garage door. It is always advised to actually take professional assistance whenever you are looking out for such changes. Our team of skilled professionals can always assist you with the same. 

  • Checking Everything Else


Now before you start using your garage door, it is very important to make sure that everything works flawlessly. Starting out from checking the sensors to the springs and rollers, make sure to get everything right. 

We believe that our comprehensive guide towards disabling the sensors was worth looking for. Just bear in mind that you should only disable the sensors during the time of utmost need. And in case you are looking for sensor upgrades, Infinity Garage Door is out there to help you out. We provide garage door repair Las Vegas, along with all the authentic parts. Neither less to say, our certified professionals always make sure to provide you the best garage door services. 

You can always reach out to our customer care executives 24/7 around the clock. If your garage door is giving a hard time, we are more than happy to help you out on that. 

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Things to Look Out for When Searching for Garage Experts

Finding a trusted company for garage door inspection in Las Vegas has never been easier before. All it takes is to make a quick Google search, and you will come across a plethora of options to choose from. But, that is certainly not the case. Otherwise, this article wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Chances are you might even come across a company that comes with a higher price tag or just an utter scam, to begin with. 

Where to Look for Garage Door Experts?

Whether you are opting for garage door maintenance in Las Vegas or anything else, there are always legitimate sources to find the same. Down below are some of the tips you can follow to look for legitimate sources: 

  • Check for Google Guarantee:  Google Guarantee can provide you with some of the most trusted sources when it comes to garage door companies. In fact, it is applicable to every other business as well. Always make sure to look for the Google Guarantee badge during your Google search. That will ensure, even if you are not satisfied with the work, you can always expect a refund from Google. This. In turn, it speaks for the authenticity of the services. 
  • Trusted Third-Party Software: Apart from Google Guarantee, there are also some other legitimate sources from which you can expect garage experts. Some of those review sites include Home Advisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. In fact, just going through some of the expert companies will let you know about their authenticity. Also, make sure to keep track of the comment section. Generally, that is where you can find the actual reviews.
  • Checking the Company Website: Cross-checking the information about the website is very important. Once you head over to the company’s official website, make sure that you pay close attention to their company logo, phone number as well as address. That should resonate with that of what you find in their advertisement. This ensures that the company is genuine. Also bear in mind to look for the number of yours they have been working in the industry. After all, experience always matters. 

What to Look for in Garage Door Experts?

The above-mentioned tips will certainly help you to narrow down your search result. Down below are some of the considerations that can help in better decision making: 

  • Insurance: It is very important for garage door companies to carry mandatory liability and compensation insurances. This not only provides assurance to the customer but also adds an extra layer of security in case anything goes wrong. So, always make sure to ask the same before working with an expert. 
  • Experience: As stated earlier, the history of the company is important as well. For any genuine company, they will be considerable enough to provide you with all the relevant information. So, never forget to ask about their t origins, or a number of years serving the industry. 
  • Location:  Make sure to look at whether the company has any physical location or not. If possible, you can also check for their storefront. It ensures that the company is legitimate enough to work. 
  • Certification: You don’t just need trained technicians but certified professionals as well. This is where the importance of accreditation and certification comes into place. Sometimes you can also find members associated with the International Door Association, which is actually a good sign overall. 
  • Estimated Quote: A good garage door company will always let you know the round0off budgeting. After all, you don’t need to break the bank just because you opted for garage door repair. Make sure to keep that in mind before you start working. Also, always make sure to have a second opinion before you close a deal. 
  • Testimonials: Last but not least, testimonials are something that no one can pay. So, after getting all the estimated quotes and pricing, look for testimonials. More positive reviews will surely give the green signal on your end. 

Some Major Signs of Red Flags

When it comes to working with new garage door companies or anyone else, in particular, it better to look for potential scams. Before you start blindly trusting a company, always make sure to keep an eye for some of the following red flags: 

1) Often Changing their Names 

 If you ever come across a bunch of companies under the same hood, it’s always a big NO. These companies tend to pop every once in a while and disappearing after a couple of months. It is a clear indication that their services are nothing but scams. 

2) No Permanent Address

Just become the company operates from a van doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have any permanent address. But, that is exactly the case for these companies. In other words, they tend to operate in shadows so that, when the time comes, they can easily disappear. 

3) Far Less Than the Industry Standards

Sometimes the pricing of these companies can take you by surprise. Often times, they are too good to be true. And for the majority of the cases, they are nothing but scams. Some of the other red flags consist of a “one-day discount” or anything that remotely comes with it. 

4) Heavy Advertisements

If you ever come across any company that spends too much on advertisements, make sure to keep your distance. Although it may not be a scam. But, they are certainly going to charge more for all of their ad spends. 

Calling Out the Real Professionals

Here at Infinity Garage Door, we strive to provide our users with top of the line services. Neither less to say, our 24-hour emergency garage door repair in Las Vegas ensures that you get quality services at any time of the day. Serving the industry for multiple years, our work has led us to make a name for ourselves. That being said, make sure to reach out to us for any garage door needs. All of our certified technicians have a better understanding of garage doors like you have never seen before. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Infinity Garage Door and get an affordable quote for your website. 

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