Everything About Replacing Garage Door Cables And Bottom Brackets
  • 2019-05-30
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These cables, along with the torsion spring, counterbalance the door’s weight. With the help of these parts, the garage door can be lifted easily. However, if the garage door cables become damaged, the spring system can break. It can lead to severe injury. Therefore, replacing the damaged cable, as soon as possible, is the best idea.

However, someone who is not rightly acquainted with the garage door system should not perform this task. It can even degrade the matter. In this case, the Infinity Garage Door service comes to help you. We are reliable service providers who can solve any of your garage door problems.

When you can replace your garage door cables and bottom bracket?

You can replace your garage door cables when you are properly familiar with the system. You also need particular skills and experience regarding this mechanical task. Physical strength is also important in this matter so that you can climb the ladder or use heavy tools.

Moreover, you will need the proper tools and safety gear. This includes safety glasses, gloves, and work boots. Besides, read the instructions completely and carefully and clearly understand them.

You should wear proper clothes and avoid wearing any kind of jewelry. If you can not completely understand the instructions or lack any of the tools or safety measures, you must contact the experts. Infinity Garage Doors service has experienced professionals in this field to help you.

What are the tools you need to perform the task?

Several tools are needed to replace the garage door cable and bottom bracket. Without proper tools, this task will be a failure. The tools you will need are:

  • A ladder
  • Two pairs of locking pliers
  • Winding bars or metal rods
  • Different types of sockets
  • Various sizes of wrenches, including 1/2, 3/8, 7/16, and 9/16

How to repair the cable and bottom bracket?

At first, check out your garage door torsion spring set up. The direction is mainly based on that. The front is mounted with a center bearing plate with attached springs. Bearing plates with cables come up from the backside of the cable drums. Only with this setup, you can follow the given directions.

If your garage system has a different type of setting, consult the professionals. Do not try these instructions, in this case. Otherwise, this can lead to grave consequences.

If you are ready with all the tools and prepared to perform the job, you may follow the given instructions.

  • At first, disconnect the garage door opener from the electric outlet.
  • The garage door opener arm connects the opener with the door. You may remove the connecting arm from the door opener.
  • Make sure the door is closed while you are doing the job. In this case, you may place clamps on the track that is situated above the middle roller.
  • Now, unwind the torsion spring or the springs. At first, place the ladder in such a way that you can keep your face from the winding cone and bars while performing this task. You may hold on one of the winding bars and insert it into the cone. Now, you can let loose the screws on the winding cones. The set screws must not be in contact with the door shaft.
  • Once it is done, enter another winding bar into the cones, fully. After that, you may lift up and remove the first bar. And then, you have to insert the winding bar into the next hole of the cone. You need to repeat the same process until all strain is removed from the spring.
  • While unwinding the spring, keep counting the amount of quarter turns you have removed from it. You will need this later while reapplying the tension. You must be concentrated on the work. Eliminate everything that can distract you, while unwinding the springs.
  • If your garage has two torsion springs, you need to unwind the second spring as well. You may need to follow the same process given above to perform this. Once all the strain is removed from the garage door, you may proceed further.
  • Now, you need to loosen the set-screws on the cable drum. Then, you should slide the cable drum away from its place. After you have loosened the drum and removed the cable, you can drop down the cable on the floor.
  • Remove the light bolt, which holds the bottom bracket to the wall, and remove the fasteners. Now, you may slide the truck and remove the bottom bracket. Remove the cable from the bracket and the door completely.
  • After that, prepare a new cable and carefully cut off the tape wrapped around it using a knife. Attach the new cable to the bottom bracket. Now, install the roller into the bracket and line the cable behind that, on the door. Install the bracket on the door and align it properly. Reinstall and tighten the fasteners. Also, reinstall the light bolt.
  • Make sure the cable is properly set and directly running from the bottom bracket. Install the cable properly in the drum’s slot. Once the cable is properly running, carefully slide the drum against the end bearing plate. You may properly tighten the set screws on the drum. Hold the drum to keep the cable tight on it and place locking pliers on the shaft. This way, the cable will be tightened on the cable drum.

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Replacing the cable and bottom bracket is a hard task. You can only perform it if you have proper skills. Do not make things worse if you are not experienced enough. You have to be careful about repositioning the bracket in the same position as before. Infinity Garage Door has qualified and experienced professionals. We also provide 24/7 service and customized inspection. Hence, if you face a problem like this, immediately consult the experts.

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