Follow These Security Tips To Keep Your Garage Safe
  • 2020-07-14
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One would be surprised to know that according to the law enforcement of the United States, there are more than 1.5 million house burglaries every single year. This raises the questions about the flaws within our home security. Opting for garage door repair in Las Vegas ensures that your garage door is safe and sound around the year.

That being said, within the entire statistics, almost one-third of the cases, garage doors were simply left upon. So, now is the best time than ever to be vigilant about your garage doors. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the safety tips that go into securing your household.

Top Garage Door Tips You Need to Know

It is imperative to understand how it can only take a few moments to be able to break into the house. For everyone who has an attached garage door, make sure to reevaluate your security. Down below is a list of some of the most commonly used garage door security tips:

1) Think Like a Burglar

There is no rocket science in understanding if you want to stop a burglar; you need to think like one. It is as easy as it can ever get. All you need to do is give a quick inspection to your garage door. As you are externally checking your garage door, look for the most vulnerable areas.

Think about how a burglar would react when they see your garage door. In fact, you can even get along with your inspection in both day and nighttime. These are some of the subtle aspects that make all the differences.

2) Keep Your Garage Doors Locked

This goes without saying if you have a tendency to keep your garage door unlocked, work on that habit. On the brighter side, the majority of the garage doors come with automatic openers. So, you can always keep track of your garage door in the comfort of your own house. And any chances if you are going on a vacation, the best course of action is to actually go with a padlock. This will ensure that your garage door tracks remain in one place.

3) Using a Zip-Tie

If you want to go with the cheapest way to secure your garage door, the best way to do the same is by using a zip tie. Using a Zip tie, you can easily tie up your emergency release cord. Whether you have a manual garage door or an automatic one, there is always an emergency release cord. Since its main purpose is to assist you with operating your garage door, thieves can always manipulate the same.

4) Close Your Garage Door When Not in Use

This is, by far, one of the biggest mistakes that the majority of the homeowners tend to make. This is nothing more than an open invitation to let anyone sneak into your house. Neither less to say, anyone, can make out what’s inside your garage door if left opened for a longer duration of time.

So, whether you are working on your yard, or even need your garage door right at the next moment, take the effort to close your garage door. After all, there is nothing more depressing than losing your valuables due to your own mistakes.

5) Using a Smart Garage Door Opener

With all the technological advancements, garage doors are becoming smarter than ever. But that also means it has a significant chance of bringing down the rate of thefts and burglary. Neither less to say, the motion sensors attached to your garage door opener will always notify you every time there I something off with your garage door.

6) Covering Your Garage Door Windows

Don’t take it as just another precautionary measure. While glass windows are all over the news, at the same time, it is as good as keeping your door open. Certainly, during the day time, it can really provide natural lighting when you need it. But as soon as you are done using the garage door window, make sure to close the same. If there is no option as such, make sure that install curtain or something like the same.

7) Better Exterior Lighting

Bear in mind if your house is poorly lit at night, it can be a potential target. One of the easier ways around it is to provide better exterior lighting at night. For example, motion-activated exterior lighting is also a good option to go for. In fact, it can even take the burglar by surprise. That being said, make sure to put the light in such a place where the burglar can’t deactivate it.

8) Opting for Periodic Maintenance

Properly maintaining your garage door periodically can significantly reduce the chances of burglary. Neither less to say, it also makes sure that your garage door remains in good shape throughout the year. Maintenance can also improve the overall longevity of your garage door. You will also find that you no longer need to spend more on repairs. And if your garage door is hard to break, it’s going to keep those uninvited guests out of your property. So, in one way or another, it is always a win-win situation for yourself.

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Better Protection for Your Garage Door

Everyone can relate how frustrating it is to be able to find that your house has been broken into. But, there is nothing to worry about the same ever again. With great expertise from Infinity Garage Door, you can always feel secure with your garage door. Neither less to say, our top of the line garage door insulation in Las Vegas with automated openers, ensures that you are able to monitor your garage door, 24/7 around the clock.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Infinity Garage Door today and enjoy a hassle-free life tomorrow. Bear in mind; you are just a call away from the top of the line garage door services.

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