How To Fix Garage Door Sensor Issues?
  • 2020-07-20
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There is no point in arguing that opting for garage door maintenance in Las Vegas can surely provide you with better insights. But, when it comes to sensors, you can hardly ever tell when something is really off. Under such circumstances, the only possible way to check your sensors one by one. In fact, the sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the various ways to troubleshoot the sensor.

Top Six Ways to Tell Garage Door Sensor is Bad

Starting out with the most obvious in the lot, one of the most prominent indications is your garage door doesn’t close. While going through Garage Door Inspection in Las Vegas, the sensor path is the very first place to look for. This is one of those garage door safety features to prevent any kind of injury. Some of the other indicators might also include missing sensors, flashing sensor light, and a lot more.

Down below, you are going to find some of the most common signs that something has gone wrong with your garage door sensor.

  • Sensor Path
  • Sensor Power
  • Sensor Lenses
  • Sensor Moisture
  • Sensor Alignment
  • Sensor Wear and Tear

The detailed process of each of the following steps are down below:

1) Sensor Path: Removing the Obstruction from the Sensor Beam

The while idea behind garage door sensors is to be able to block the garage door. Neither less to say, it can actually prevent the door from fall on any person or object. This is something that can also come handy when your car is in the driveway.

2) Sensor Power: Reconnecting the Power Supply

Sometimes you can find that the sensors are not getting the right power. Now, there are several reasons for the same. It can be either due to a power outage, which led to malfunction. The best way is to look for the LED lights in the sensors. If both of them are properly lit, chances are there is nothing wrong with the power supply. But, even if there is even one that doesn’t have the LED turned on, you need further inspection.

3) Sensor Lenses: A Good Cleaning for the Same

Another reason we often tend to overlook are dirty lenses. In fact, there are several instances where the sensors stopped working because they were dirty. If you are someone who lives in a crowded place or just beside the road, it can easily happen. All the dust can gradually pile up, resulting in malfunctioning sensors. What the way around? Make sure to give it a thorough cleaning. This will remove any blocking from the sensor.

4) Sensor Moisture: Dry them While You Can

But, it’s more than just the pun. One of the most common reasons due to which the sensors malfunction is due to moisture. Now, this is most likely to happen if the sensors are exposed to heavy rainfall. Sometimes the sprinkler systems are also responsible for the same. Under such circumstances, the best course of action is to wait. You need to wait until the moisture dries up.

5) Sensor Alignment: Keep the Sensors Facing One Another

Misaligned sensors are nothing uncommon. In fact, there are several circumstances where your vehicle gets bumped to the door, causing the same problem. One of the best ways to check is through sensor LED. For example, if all the sensors are properly aligned, you can actually see green LEDs.

6) Sensor Wear and Tear

No one can escape the ravages of time. Sometimes the problem lies within regular wear and tear. Especially if you have been using the sensor for a longer duration of time.

Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Sensor

If you are someone who loves to tweak things around, this is just the right section for you. Down below are some of the fixes, that are worth trying for:

  • Make sure to check if any object is impending the garage door. Clean the floor in such a way that not even a single speck of dust is left behind. As they always have a tendency to create an obstruction for the garage door.
  • The lack of power supply is always posed as one of the most common problems to deal with. So, it is better that you check all the wiring that goes around the sensors. If other parts of the garage door can get power, that means you are good to go. But, bear in mind, for a poor connection, you need to take extra precaution. But under such circumstances, it is always advised to seek professional help.
  • Don’t forget to wipe all the lenses. Make sure to use a small microfiber cloth to clean them.
  • Check for proper alignment. If there is any room for adjustment, make sure that they are facing each other.
  • Last but least, wet patches are also one of the most common reasons due to which sensors malfunction. That is why, whenever the weather gets moist, make sure to clean them.

Another piece of advice. Even if nothing works, always look into the sensor ‘s user manual. There are several instances where it can help you to fix the issue. But, your last resort should always be to consult with an expert. Their years of experience can surely help you down the line.

At the same time, sometimes the wear and tear are so severe, it goes beyond repair. During such times, you can always consider changing the sensors altogether.

Concluding Words

It is imperative to understand that garage door sensors play a crucial role in uplifting the functionality. Malfunctioning of the same can significantly impact the performance of the garage door. Here at Infinity Garage Door, we strive to provide the best garage door service in Las Vegas. Our team of certified professionals makes sure that our services are properly curated for the customers.

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