Is Garage Door Repair Service Covered By Homeowners Insurance
  • 2021-11-18
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Garage doors are a significant entry point to your house. So, security is one of the first and foremost essential factors that define a garage door. A damaged garage door can make your home and the family members vulnerable to weather exposure or break-ins. That is why the homeowners must go through regular maintenance and repair or even replacement services for their garage doors, which often cost an outstanding amount of money.

So, the critical question here arises whether these garage door repairs in Las Vegas come under the coverage of the homeowners’ insurance. However, the answer is not that straightforward because, first of all, the policies differ from one place to another. Secondly, there is more than one factor that determines the eligibility to claim for insurance. Here, we will try to explain some of those factors to find a suitable answer to the question.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

If you are a new homeowner or do not have any idea about the homeowners’ insurance, let us tell you that it is an insurance policy that intends to protect your home along with all the items in it against any mishap like theft, fire, etc. if your home gets any damage because of such reasons you can claim for reimbursement for the entire amount of repair or replacements.

Is Your Garage Door Insured?

Yes, they are insured under your home insurance policy in most cases. However, it is always advisable to read your policy and all its terms and conditions before investing in it, no matter how long it may seem or how obscure the language you may find. Take your time and give it a thorough reading. And there is one more thing you need to remember. Sometimes even if your policy covers the damages, you need to take a call whether it will be more profitable to claim reimbursement or to pay out of your pocket will be more effective.

When You Can Claim Insurance for Your Garage Door Repair

Fortunately, you are eligible to claim reimbursement for your garage door repair in Las Vegas for various instances. However, there may be a few exclusions depending upon the nature of different cases. It is better to check the specifications of your policy before you apply. Here are some common instances when most people claim for insurance.

Vandalism, Theft, Fire, and Storm

These are all damages to your garage door due to either a natural disaster or an accidental or purposeful act of any human. Thankfully all these factors are covered under the homeowners’ insurance.

Car Damage

Well, this is a shadier part of the insurance policy. There are layers under this category. Firstly, if the garage door gets hit by your car by accident, causing damage to both your car and the garage door, then you will get the insurance for the garage door but not for your car. On the other hand, if your garage door gets hit for the negligence of someone else’s car, you can claim reimbursement of the repair cost from the negligent party’s auto insurance company.

When You Can’t Claim Insurance for Your Garage Door Repair

You will need to repair or replace some parts of your garage door for natural wear and tears in most cases on your own. Your homeowners’ insurer will not pay you anything for these instances. It is expected to run the regular maintenance of your garage door by yourself.

What are Deductibles?

In simple terms, deductibles are part of the amount the insured has to pay and is not borne by the insurer. You can find the deductible terms of your policy on the policy’s declaration page. It would be helpful for you if you read these terms before applying for the claim. If you find that you have more than fifty percent of the repair cost as the deductibles, it is better not to use for the insurance.

The Bottom Line

Having insurance for your home against any natural or human-made disaster is always a sensible and wise decision. You should never allow the garage door damage to jeopardize the security of your home. If you are looking for garage door repair in Las Vegas, Infinity Garage Door is a reputed name that will solve all your garage door related issues with all your convenience.

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