Is It Better To Choose A Nylon Garage Door Roller Over A Steel One?
  • 2020-09-10
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Everyone would agree that for the majority, every garage door roller looks and feels the same. After all, they were built for the same purpose. But, that is certainly not the case with a nylon and steel garage door roller. Even after getting quality garage doors Las Vegas, it is very important to pay close attention to the garage door roller.

After all, there are several advantages of getting a nylon garage door roller over a steel one. Although they are more on the expensive side, you can still get a quieter and durable operation out of it. Neither less to say, they are also less prone to regular wear and tear. So, in this article, we have properly curated a side by side comparison between the two.

Nylon Garage Door Rollers

After the introduction of nylon back in 1938, it has gained popularity in every form of a commercial item. Being a thermoplastic, nylon offers great flexibility. It is due to the same chemical property that nylon is extremely durable. It also requires a very long duration of time in order to break down.

Advantages of Nylon Garage Door Rollers

1) Nylon Garage Door Roller Tends to be Quieter

One of the main reasons behind upgrading to a nylon roller from steel or plastic roller is due to their quieter operation. Since nylon can be molded in any type of shape, it helps to attain a very silky texture. This, in turn, helps to easily glide over wheels.

Neither less to say, nylon rollers also offers less friction. That means it is not prone to wear and tear. The ball bearings attached to the nylon garage door rollers also help to reduce the friction. In fact, the more ball bearings are added to the roller, the quieter it can get. You can get the majority of the nylon rollers having 7 to 13 rollers.

2) Nylon Garage Door Roller Can Last Longer

Another advantage of having a nylon garage door roller is that they are not prone to any rust or corrosion. Similarly, they are also not vulnerable to moisture as well. In other words, even if the entire frame of your garage door is rusted, you can still use the same.

Apart from durability, nylon garage door rollers are also durable just as much as steel. The ball bearings present in them helps in better weight distribution. Further, including, you don’t have to opt for frequent maintenance as well.

Disadvantage of Using a Nylon Garage Door Roller

1) Nylon Garage Door Rollers are Costly

The only downside of using a nylon garage door is that they can get expensive at times. In fact, the cost of nylon rollers is also 40% more than its counterparts. But, looking at the broader picture, nylon rollers can actually last longer with lower maintenance costs. In other words, it’s the upfront cost that’s higher for nylon garage door rollers.

Steel Garage Door Rollers

The main constituent of steel is an iron alloy. So, that makes them extremely durable along with a lower price tag. This is mainly one of the main reasons why steel rollers have gained such popularity in the past few years.

Pros of Using a Steel Garage Door Roller

1) Steel Rollers are Extremely Strong

One of the most common reasons steel is used in any project is due to their extreme durability. Whether it is due to the construction of buildings or automobile parts, you can find the use of steel everywhere. You can easily use steel garage door rollers for years to come unless it is affected by moisture or corrosion. In some other instances, you can also find the ball bearings to wear down, but the roller remains.

2) Steel Rollers are Inexpensive

You would be surprised to know that the cost of steel rollers is almost half of any nylon rollers. The main reason being the easy availability of steel. The raw material is very easy to produce. Neither less to say, you don’t have to spend as much on the ball bearings as well.

Cons of Steel Garage Door Rollers

1) Steel Roller can Get Louder

The overall noise created by steel rollers is far greater than anything you can find on a nylon roller. It is imperative to understand that the metal on metal is bound to create friction. Along with that, the regular wear and tear with corrosion can also take a toll on the overall performance.

2) Steel Rollers Requires More Maintenance

There is no point in arguing that steel rollers are always prone to corrosion and rust. That is exactly what becomes their demise. So, in order to properly maintain your garage door roller, you need to opt for periodic maintenance.

How Long Can a Nylon Garage Door Roller Last?

The right duration for a nylon garage door roller completely depends on the following factors:

  • The overall weight of the garage door, along with the track
  • The total number of included ball bearings
  • Whether the bearings are sealed or not

If you are using your nylon roller with unsealed bearings, you can still get 7 to 13 years of life out of it. For some of the longer nylon garage door rollers, such as 11 or 13, ball bearings can actually outlast your garage door. The majority of the time, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Final Takeaway

So, if you are looking for a quality garage door roller, without any budget constraint, our recommendation will reside with a nylon garage door roller. Neither less to say, they are also easier to maintain as compared to its steel counterpart. We here at Infinity Garage Door offer a plethora of garage door service Las Vegas.

Apart from getting durable rollers, you can also avail repair services along with periodic maintenance and inspection. Working with all the major manufacturers and suppliers, we can also assure you authentic garage door parts. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the best commercial garage door repair Las Vegas, call for Infinity Garage Door.

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