Is It Good To Remove Garage Door Sensors?
  • 2020-08-05
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There is no point in arguing that everyone gets concerned when it comes to their home security. Be it the bedroom, garage, or even door locks; no one wants to see them bypassed. Opting for garage door inspection ensures that everything remains completely secured. But, at the same time, there are several instances where your garage door sensor can actually create hindrance with the overall workflow.

Starting with the fact, it is never a good option to permanently remove the garage door sensors, but at the same time, bypassing it becomes a necessity. The whole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the importance of garage door sensors lastly, if there comes the need, how to actually disable them.

What Exactly is a Garage Door Sensor?

While opting for garage door maintenance, you can always find two beams of lights coming out of your garage door. That is exactly where the garage door sensor resides. Neither less to say, they are safety add-ons for your garage door. One of their biggest functions is to stop your garage door from falling on anyone. This is something that can really come handy if you have a bunch of kids playing around the house.

The working principle of garage door sensors is very easy. A low voltage beam of light completes the switch whenever the garage door is running. You can actually find garage door sensors on either side of the door. By today’s standards, the majority of the garage door has display sensors. These help the homeowners to actually track down their maintenance cycle. Troubleshooting the sensors are easy as well. All you need to go is to operate the garage door while keeping track of the sensor. Now, if you are still using a traditional garage door, make sure to opt for an automatic one.

Advantages of Getting Garage Door Sensors

When it comes to using garage door sensors, here are some of the advantages that you can reap from using it:

Safety: The first and foremost thing that one needs to look for in a garage door is safety. Especially if you have kids and pets, sensors can provide you with the right assistance. Garage door becoming riskier than ever, sensors have become the new essential.

Convenience: The convenience is something we always strive for. This is something that really comes handy during winters. The majority of the time, you will find your garage door getting stuck to the snow. So, instead of going outside to the freezing cold, your sensor can open or close them with just the click of a button.

Protection to Your Home: Although you were able to bypass the garage door sensor, not everyone else can do the same. This is one of the biggest USP of garage door sensors with all the sense of security. With modern equipment, you will always find the rolling code changing. So, make sure to ask the installer for using the latest technology.

A plethora of Choices: When it comes to sensors, you have a variety of options to choose from. In fact, you can actually get sensors is every other price bracket. So, there is nothing to worry about the same as well. If you are running on a tight budget, you can still get one.

Bypassing the Garage Door Sensor

There are several instances where you are not able to open your garage door. Ultimately, the only resort left is to bypass the locks in order to get inside. Under such circumstances, it is very important to know to disable the sensor. Down below is a list properly curated on how to bypass the same:

Disconnecting the Power Supply

First thing first, you need to make sure that there is no power supply to the garage door. For all the automatic garage door, make sure to disconnect the sensors as well. Just bear in mind, there is nothing to worry about the same. You can still access your garage door manually.

Disconnecting the Emergency Release Cord

After you are done disconnecting the power supply, it is very important to make sure that you are disconnecting the release cord as well. It is as easy as it can ever get. The emergency release cord is oftentimes connected with the spring. So, it will halt the door trolley if you disconnect the release cord.

Manually Operating the Door

Make sure to reconnect the door with the opener, if you want a seamless repair. That being said, it is always a better option to manually operate your garage door for the time being. This will also ensure the utmost safety for your garage door.

Changing the Photo Eyes Sensor

Till now, you have finally been able to bypass your garage door sensor. Make sure to change the photo eyes as they are the most integral part of your garage door. It is always advised to actually take professional assistance whenever you are looking out for such changes. Our team of skilled professionals can always assist you with the same.

Checking Everything Else

Now before you start using your garage door, it is very important to make sure that everything works flawlessly. Starting out from checking the sensors to the springs and rollers, make sure to get everything right.

We believe that our comprehensive guide towards disabling the sensors was worth looking for. Just bear in mind that you should only disable the sensors during the time of utmost need. And in case you are looking for sensor upgrades, Infinity Garage Door is out there to help you out. We provide garage door repair Las Vegas, along with all the authentic parts. Neither less to say, our certified professionals always make sure to provide you the best garage door services.

You can always reach out to our customer care executives 24/7 around the clock. If your garage door is giving a hard time, we are more than happy to help you out on that.

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