Is It Possible To Repair A Bent Garage Door?
  • 2020-12-12
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Garage doors are one of the beneficial and expensive household components. They need proper maintenance and care from time to time to run uninterruptedly for an extended period. The smallest rough handling can cause severe damage to your door. Not all damages can be fixed at your home. Some of them require professional attention. And serious garage door dents or bents are those problems that demand expert garage door repair service.

The metal garage doors are more likely to get dented. A dented garage door reduces the perfect look of your home. It does not require any professional investigation to identify a bent garage door. Although the minor dents on a garage door can be fixed by the homeowners following some simple steps, some serious dents cannot be resolved without any commercial garage door repairs. Let us find out some of the facts about repairing a bent garage door.

What Causes Garage Door Bents?

Garage doors are sensitive types of machinery. Though the doors are made of durable and robust material and take care of your family’s security, they can get severely damaged if you accidentally back your car hitting on the door or drive into the door when the vehicle is parked too close to the garage door. Also, your garage door can get slammed and dented because of the adverse weather conditions. The massive hailstones can be fatal for your garage door. Or when heavy storms hurl big tree branches or debris onto your garage door, it can bend or even break your garage door.

So, it is evident that the reasons for dents and bends are most of the time out of your control. Thus, it would be prudent of you to be prepared for the problem to handle it better. You can either learn how to fix bent garage doors by yourself or get in touch with the best garage door repair agency in your locality.

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door?

You can always call for any professional help for repairing a bent garage door. Hiring a garage door repair service ensures the best quality repairs and saves a lot of your time and tension. However, if you want to try by yourself before calling for any professional, here are some useful methods you can go for.

  • Hammer out the dent: Hammering out the dent on the door is perhaps the first method that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking of bent garage door repair techniques. If the bent is not too bad, this method will sure to work.
  • Fill in the dent: Another method to try when the bent is not too bad is to fill it in. This technique will give it a smooth look. First, sand the dented part of your door and then apply the filler material on that part. After that, smoothen the area and sand again after it dries out. Finally, paint on it, and it will again become like before.
  • Replace door panel: Garage doors are made by joining several panels together. If the dent on your door has just affected a single panel, then replacing the particular panel can easily solve your problem. Needless to say, you will need to call a garage door repair company to change the panel. Only the professionals can replace the dented panel and install a new panel in its place to restore the functions as earlier.
  • Replace the door: This is the worst-case scenario. If you find the garage door’s condition is beyond any repair, there is no option but to replace the entire garage door system. You need to contact an expert quality garage door company, who will first investigate the damage and the requirements, then bring a new garage door as per your need and install it.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can say that, yes, there are some ways to repair a bent garage door. However, we want to stress upon taking professional support and help for any garage door repair as these are costly and sensitive machinery. If you are living in the Las Vegas area, Infinity Garage Doors would be our first recommendation. They provide every possible solution for any of your garage door issues, no matter how big or small. They are a 24-hour emergency garage door service in Las Vegas. If you have a bent garage door and wondering what to do about it, then get your phone and fix an appointment with Infinity Garage Doors, and they will take care of the rest for you.

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