Keep Your Home Safe Even If Your Garage Remote Is Stolen
  • 2020-06-07
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If your garage remote gets stolen, it will become a source of extreme tension and insecurity for you. Stolen remote means that a stranger can have access anytime in your garage. You will be able to derive immense value from this article if you are in a similar situation. Branded garage door company, Infinity Garage Door offers you some amazing tips ranging from using the control panel to disabling the remote of your garage to protect and secure your home from burglary.

Nowadays, most of the middle-class population of America owns a car. Therefore, burglars find the garage to be one of the easiest points of entry. This is because all they need to get the entry in your garage is the small little remote.

Over the years, criminals have understood that gaining access to your garage remote is an easy way to gain entry into your space. Many owners don't know how to disable a garage door opener remote. Therefore, garage security has been extremely essential. There have been reported cases where burglars broke through secure garage doors, even with high-quality security features.

If a criminal finds the remote, the criminal can easily find your car registration details, which most people store in their gloves compartments or the sun visor. The garage door opener and the address on the registration will give the criminal easy access to open your garage door and get into your home, without you getting the slightest hint.

Infinity Garage Door gives you a few tips and tricks to ensure the safety of your home even if you find yourself in a situation where your garage remote has been stolen:

Disabling the Remote of Your Garage Door

  • Deprogramming Procedure

The remote works on the mechanism of signal emission. The remote emits a signal of a particular frequency. Thereafter, the receiver captures the signals.

The receiver is located in the motor of the garage door opener. The transmission code changes when you use the garage door opener due to the "rolling codes" mechanism.

For this purpose, there is always a smart button on the motor to disable the working of the garage door opener. Pressing that button will deprogram your keypads and the code of the remote. There is a blinking light that indicates the deprogramming is successful. After this process, even if one has the remote of your garage, one will not be able to open the garage.

You have to ensure that you have disconnected all the programmed devices properly with care. In case you own a second remote, use that remote to check if the garage system has been properly deprogrammed. At times, the backup of a battery stores the codes.

This means that the information is not lost when there is a power failure. Therefore, you are not safe from burglary if you simply unplug the opener. You should keep this point in mind.

  • Reprogramming procedure

Further, you have to program the system by yourself by using the manual or guide provided by the manufacturer. The code and the frequency used in the garage door system change from company to company, although the base principle remains the same. You can note his change by the fact that the smart button is differently colored from green to purple to orange or yellow depending upon the company and the brand.

Alternate Trick to Deprogram Garage Door

Few companies install the control panel near the home that you use to access your home. In that case, press the Lock Button. Although you can open and close the garage door by pressing the control panel button, you still have disabled the keypad and remote control settings.

In case you have the doorbell wall control system, unplug the door opener. You need to pull the red cord to open and close our garage door every time you want to. This enables manual operation of the garage door system.

However, anyone can gain entry access from outside. Therefore, although this system is not secured, it is a good option for a temporary solution until professional help arrives.

MyQ System

Most of the garage door openers in the town have a wireless networking system. Therefore, you can also operate it via your smartphone. Branded companies like Craftsman, Genie, Wayne-Dalton, Chamberlain as well as LiftMaster provide technology where you can use MyQ System to control your garage door using the app.

To erase the previous codes, you have to press the Learn Button until the LED light turns off. In the Features menu, select Program Option and select the subcategory of Remote to reprogram the remote. You can use the remote to control the garage door system. The garage door opener lights will flash or you'll hear the sound of clicks twice if you are successful in programming the codes.

Inform the Police Regarding Stolen Remote

The question of how to disable a garage door opener remote ponders over many new owners. Therefore, contact the local police as soon as possible. Give precise details to the police regarding the stolen remote and if any expensive items are missing. Contact your insurance company to check if your car's insurance or the homeowner's insurance covers any losses that you may have to bear.

Prevention Stolen Garage Door Remote

  • Make sure that you always lock the doors of your car.
  • You must ensure that you always lock the door between your garage and your home, which is helpful in case your clicker gets stolen.
  • Install a secure lock, like that of a deadbolt lock, to provide maximum security from theft.
  • Purchase a garage door opener remote (mini-remote) and keep it with you all the time. You can also attach the remote with your keychain.
  • Connect the garage door system with your smartphone. This will also eliminate the need for any remote for operating the garage door.

Infinity Garage Door at Your Service

Your garage remote control getting stolen is a serious issue that needs prompt attention. If not attended promptly, it poses a risk to your home security. Feel free to contact us in case of any issues relating to your garage door system and we will be glad to help you out.

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