LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Las Vegas

When it comes to finding the right garage door repair Las Vegasand opener, it can really get tedious at times. In this section, we are going to cast a spotlight on our wide range of offerings from LiftMaster garage door openers. The industry-leading garage door opener company always strives to provide the ultimate user satisfaction.

Just bear in mind, while looking out for a new opener, always make sure to find the right drive type. Although the added features may vary, this is something that’s going to make all the differences.

The Right LiftMaster Garage Door Opener for You

Whether you are in the hunt for a smart garage door opener or even the most basic one, there’s always a LiftMaster Opener for everyone. Down below are some of the most commonly sorted out openers you can get from us:

1) LiftMaster 8165W

This particular opener uses an industrial-grade chain, which gives it one of the most impressive powers to lift the garage door. While it comes with Security 2.0+, it can provide you with optimum security. The built-in standby mode can reduce almost 75% of electricity consumption.

2) LiftMaster 8355W

The belt drive system within this model makes sure to provide the ultimate quieter performance while packing up all the strength you need. The security 2.0+ feature, along with PosiLock, makes sure that you get robust security out of your garage door. Neither less to say, you can also get protection from opener hacking.

3) LiftMaster 8550W

The DC motor packed within the drive belt opener makes it completely easy to use with quieter operation. This smart garage door opener comes with an integrated battery back-up along with motor detected lighting system. It can also automatically close the garage door after a set interval of time.

4) LiftMaster WLED

The LiftMaster WLED is by far one of the fastest garage door openers at a whopping speed of 9 inches per second. The included battery back-up can make sure that your garage works flawlessly, even during a power outage. It comes with corner to corner lighting along with all the LiftMaster security features.

Advantages of Professional Installation from Infinity

Whether you are replacing the entire opener or looking for Las Vegas garage door opener parts, it is always important to entrust the professionals. Our team of certified professionals can provide you with the following advantages:

  • Reliable Work: We strive to provide our customers with the right peace of mind while knowing that their opener is in good hands.
  • Recurring Services: You won’t leave you behind once the installation is done. Our technicians will make sure that your garage door opener works flawlessly.
  • Expert Opinions: When it comes to the opener, you make sure that you get the right solution for any type of garage door whatsoever.

So, if you are in need of a garage door opener, Infinity Garage Door has the most suitable LiftMaster model for you. In addition to our openers, you can also get expert installations and maintenance services from us.

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