Right Ways To Change Batteries In Your Garage Door Remote
  • 2020-10-06
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It is imperative to understand that your garage door is catered as one of the heaviest and frequently used portions of your entire house. In fact, the average weight of your garage door can be 180 lbs to as much as 400 lbs. With all the moving parts and whatnot, there are going to be instances where it can malfunction. Sometimes there are easier fixes, and at other times, you need to call for the professionals.

For starters, in case your garage door fails to open, the first and foremost task is not to panic at all. Unless you dig deeper into the root, there is no way to find the underlying problem. So, for the time being, is to inspect your garage door on your own. The sole purpose of this article to make you aware of the right way on how to change the battery in garage door opener.

How to Change Batteries for Garage Door Remotes

One would be surprised to know that garage door remotes are one of the most common issues that arise from time to time. Dead batteries can always result in your remote to stop working. Generally, the lifespan of a garage door remote battery is somewhere around two years. Some of the most crucial factors include the number of times you are using the remote as well as the type of battery you are using.

One of the best ways to know when the battery is about to give up its life is when you have to click several times just in order to get it right. So, in this section, we are going to discuss the type of remote batteries and how exactly you can change them.

1) Open the Garage Door Remote

This particular step is just as easy as it can ever get. You don’t need any tool whatsoever in order to open the back of your remote. Just bear in mind that sometimes the back of the remote is also attached to the Phillips-head screw. So, as you turn your remote, you will be able to see the cover. Sliding the remote will expose the cover, enabling you to expose the battery housing. Now, if you still can’t find the right place where the batteries are stored, it is better to take assistance from the user manual. It can guide you throughout the entire process.

2) Identifying the Batteries

Like every other electronic gadget, there are actually a variety of remotes you can find out there in the market. For a garage door remote, you can find the shape of the battery to look something that of a coin. Look for any particular number that’s imprinted on the remote. This, in turn, can provide you with the right assistance to find the perfect fit. Sometimes you can find your remote requiring alkaline-based batteries such as AAA ones. For any larger remotes, it can also be a AAA battery; now that you have successfully identified the right battery, head over to the store to buy the same. You can also keep one as a spare, just in case.

3) Replacing the Battery and Reprogramming the Remote

After making your purchase of the batteries, it is important that you follow the same steps used to remove the battery. Pop in the batteries and slide in the back cover. Now, you need to reprogram your garage door remote. In case you have installed the garage door within the past 5 to 8 years, just pressing the pairing button will do the trick. All you need to do is hold the pairing button for at least 3 seconds. In case you are having a hard time pairing, check online along with your model number. You can find successfully curated instructions for the same.

Few Tricks Regarding Garage Door Remote

If your garage door remote is giving you a hard time, there are some of the important aspects you need to keep in mind. Getting a few things right from your end can certainly help you from calling the professionals every time something goes wrong with your garage door. Here is a list of some of the dew tips that can make the entire process streamlined.

Take Assistance from Online Manuals: In the era of the internet where everything is accessible, chances are you can easily find a PDF version of the user manual. All you need to find is the name of the manufacturer and the model number of the same. Sometimes you can actually find lengthy manuals covering pages on how to properly change the batteries. At other times, you can also find a pictorial representation of the same as well. This, in turn, can certainly come handy if you are working on your own.

Use Your Smartphone as Remote: With all the smart garage door openers installed, there is nothing uncommon to operate your garage door with your cell phone. In fact, it can provide you with the utmost convenience like never before. You can either pair your smartphone all by yourself or take assistance from the professionals. Whatever be the case, the overall process is pretty straightforward. Over time, you won’t even need to use the remote altogether.

Use Keypad Entry for Your Garage Door: This is one of the best alternatives as compared to that of your garage door remote. In case the remote dies on you, there’s always the keypad you can use to operate your garage door seamlessly. Did we forget to tell you, keypad entries are fairly easy to install as well.

Final Thoughts

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