Shall I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door?
  • 2021-11-13
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Garage doors are an indispensable element of every household nowadays. It has been seen that a garage door is used for around 15000 times over a year to match with our fast-paced life. Thus, it is elementary to understand that such a heavily used machinery can go dysfunctional very often. One can now look for a valid answer for the questions like when to repair your garage door and understand when it is beyond saving with little repair works, and replacement is the only option.

However, before you reach any decision, you need to be clear about why you want to repair or replace the garage door. There are several Garage doors services in Las Vegas that offer the best quality garage door installation, repair, and replacement services. It is also crucial to do thorough research about the company you want to hire for your garage door as the life of your garage door will substantially depend on that. So, let us get a little deeper and try to find out the best possible answers to the questions mentioned above.

Understanding the Requirement of Repair and Replacement

At this point, you might want to know how long a garage door can last on average. You can expect a lifespan of about 30 years and around from a properly maintained garage door. However, the situations may vary for people. Any small accident or a strong storm may damage the door, or you might be undergoing an up-gradation of your home's exterior design. Let us see which scenarios may lead us to a repair or replacement of the garage door.

The Severity of the Damage

The degree of the damage will determine whether you need to hire a garage door service to replace the door or a few repairs will do it.

Minor damage: If the damage in your door is nothing more than just a few cracks or chipping or fading of the paints, repairing them will be a more valuable option for you. These are the cosmetic damages that you may notice from outside, but they will not potentially be a threat to your entire garage door system.

Moderate damage: Some damages are more than just cosmetic damage and can risk the garage door's structural integrity. For instance, a rusty door cannot properly function as it is supposed to. In this case, a repair will not give you lasting relief from your problem. Replacement would be a prudent choice.

Severe damage: Finally, if your door has some serious issues that have made the door stopped from working at all, there is no other option but to replace it with a new and functional one. If the door's primary function to provide security to your home is compromised, then it is time to upgrade.

Age of the Garage Door

Keeping all the factors of probable damages in mind, if your garage door is aged somewhere between 15 to 20 years, you may consider replacing the door with a newer model. An extensively used garage door in an average household goes through many wear and tear during its lifespan. It is always more helpful to take action before it's too late. Replacing an old but moderately functioning garage door can benefit you with increased security for your family besides giving your house a whole modern appearance.


You might be in two minds whether to have your door repaired or replaced because of the cost factor. If you find your door needing frequent and repetitive repairs, then getting a new garage door will be a more economical option for you. However, if you are struggling with your funds, you will also find many cost-effective yet good options.


Whether you decide to go for a repair or a replacement for your garage door, appointing the right garage door service provider is essential. Infinity Garage Door provides a high-quality garage door service in Las Vegas. They have a professional and experienced team ready for all 24 hours to satisfy any requirement regarding your garage door. Are you someone who is looking for estimation before plunging into the complete garage door repair or replacement work? Then log in to their website and get a free quotation today and decide for yourself.

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