Signs Your Garage Door Needs A Lube N Tune
  • 2021-02-10
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You would be surprised to know that, on average, your garage door moves almost 1000 times a year. While your motor can withstand the same, there is still scope for periodic wear and tear. Getting garage door inspection can provide you with the right assistance on when to lubricate it. In fact, the sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of signs when your garage door requires lubrication.

Look for the Right Time to Lube n Tune

1) Hearing Grinding Sound While Operating

When your garage door starts to make grinding sounds, it is one of the most obvious signs that it needs immediate lubrication. It is very important that you regularly keep lubricating the moving parts, especially the chains, motor, spring as well as tracks. Lubricants can help you to get a smoother and quieter operation for your garage door.

2) Stuck Moments

There are several times when you must have noticed your garage door gets stuck during operation. While you might feel like your garage door is not going to open at all. Then all of a sudden, it passes a particular area and moves as usual. While, such instances might occur due to several reasons, the most common one being poor lubrication. Applying a quality lubricate the ease the movement for your garage door.

3) Frayed or Unwounded Cables

The cables of your garage door tend to hold the entire weight. So, with periodic usage along with factors like temperature and moisture can deteriorate the cable over time. While getting garage door maintenance in Las Vegas make sure whether they are worn out or not. Lubricating the same can help you to get the most out of these cables.

Learn the Right Way to Lubricate Your Garage Door

There is no point in arguing that lubricating your garage door can significantly extend its life cycle. In fact, it should be considered as an integral part of the maintenance cycle. So, follow the steps down below to properly lubricate your garage door.

  • Make sure to close the garage door, so that all the tracks and other moving parts are easily available.
  • It is very important that you disconnect the garage door from its power source.
  • Now, use any damp cloth or even vacuum cleaner to properly clean your garage door.
  • Next stop, use the lubricant and let them sit for a while.

Which is the Best Lubricant to Use?

For the majority of the garage door parts, our recommendation goes with any high-quality lithium-based lubricant. These are readily available either in the form of sprays or aerosols. Further including, you don’t have to worry about their availability as well.

The Bottom Line

We here at Infinity Garage Door offers one of the most comprehensive lube and tune services for our customers. Whether be it garage door installation or periodic maintenance, we have got you covered. So, the next time you find your garage door hard to move, get in touch with you.

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