Some Of The Do’s And Don’ts To Properly Clean Your Garage Door
  • 2020-09-08
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We all know what cleaning garage doors Las Vegas actually looks like. You only clean your garage door once in a year, when it looks dirty enough. But you would be surprised to know that there’s more to it. Properly maintaining your garage door is one of the best ways to churn life out of it.

So, we have properly curated this article to make you aware of some of the dos and don’ts while cleaning your garage door. Neither less to say, we shall also describe the correct procedure of cleaning the same.

Do’s of Proper Garage Door Cleaning

Once you have finally resorted to clean your garage door, here are some of the dos worth following:

1) Clean Your Garage Door One a Regular Basis

This is something we always get wrong. As we were discussing earlier, it is never a wise idea to only clean your garage door when it seems dirty. You should always clean your garage door on a regular basis. It can be based on once a month or even quarterly.

The main reason being, garage doors are always exposed to external elements. That means, all the dust, dirt, and debris on the surface can significantly affect the paint and eat up the surface underneath it. So, giving a little bit of attention can improve the longevity of your garage door.

2) Wax Your Garage Door

Waxing the surface of your garage door can add that extra layer of security. Neither less to say, it also improves the overall finish of the garage door while protecting from external elements. Less exposure means your garage door will not be prone to rust and corrosion as before.

3) Clean the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping around the garage door can help to properly insulate the door. Just using a general-purpose cleaner can help you to clean off the accumulated dirt and debris around it. In fact, this way, you can also keep track of any crack in the weatherstripping.

Don’ts for Proper Garage Door Cleaning

Just like the dos, there are certain restrictions that you should always follow when it comes to properly clean your garage door:

1) Say No to Pressure Washer

We all understand the convenience you can get out of a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer, you can quickly and easily get the dust out of your garage door. But, at the same time, your garage door is no built to handle that amount of pressure. And eventually, using a pressure washer can damage your garage door over time.

2) Don’t Wash Your Garage Door in Direct Sunlight

Add sunlight and the chemicals present in the soap, and you have got yourself a chalky looking garage door. Neither less to say, mostly made out of metal, your garage is the biggest conductor of heat. Washing your garage door under direct sunlight can mess with its paint. And you don’t want your garage to look all dull and beaten up.

3) Don’t Use Bleach

Cleaning with the beach can be all quick and easy, but it can do the same damage to your garage door, just like cleaning in direct sunlight. Not only will it destroy the protective finish of your garage door, but it can also remove the overall paint.

How to Properly Clean a Garage Door?

Truth to be told, it never takes more than fifteen minutes to half an hour to properly clean a garage door. So, if you can figure out that chunk of time, your garage door is going to last for years to come. Here are some of the easiest ways to clean your garage door:

  • Gathering the Cleaning Supplies

Your first and foremost task is to gather everything you shall need to clean the garage door. Keep with yourself an adequate supply of water. Don’t forget to bring sponges and dry towels. Apart from that, all you need is car wash soap and liquid wax.

  • Pre-Rinse Your Garage Door

Bear in mind, using a pressure washer is still a big no. But, you need to clean the dirt that has accumulated over time. That is why it is very important to rinse them off before applying soap. Otherwise, it might run inside the garage door.

  • Applying Car Wash Soap

Now it’s the time to take out that sponge and washing mitt out of the bucket. We would always suggest you go to a car wash soap. As you start cleaning, make sure to start at the top of the door. Then you can make your way across the door.

  • Rinse the Soap with Garden Hose

Just the way you pre-rinsed your garage door, use the same garden hose to clean all the soap. Just make sure not to use too much pressure on the door. As you are giving it a last clean, it is also the best time to look for missed spots.

  • Dry and Apply Wax

It is very important to completely dry your garage door. Once you have achieved the same, apply your spray wax and let it dry. This will help you to add that extra layer of security over your garage door. Polish your garage door according to your liking.

  • Clean the Weatherstripping

Don’t forget this last step. Before you start celebrating your victory, it is very important to check the weatherstripping of your garage door. If it requires further replacement, now is also the best time to opt for the same as well.

Final Takeaway

We here at Infinity Garage Door provides one of the best garage door inspection Las Vegas. With years of experience, all of our certified professionals have a clear understanding of the garage door. Our garage door maintenance Las Vegas ensures the longevity of your garage door as well. During our repair and replacement procedure, we always offer authentic garage door parts coming directly from the manufacturer. So, the next time you are looking for maintenance, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door.

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