Tips To Choose The Right Garage Door Lubricant
  • 2019-05-30
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Proper maintenance of your garage doors is extremely essential. The garage doors need prompt servicing works to be able to function efficiently and stay working well for many years. Well maintained garage doors are less likely to get a breakdown frequently. Therefore, timely maintenance of garage doors decreases the costs of repairing to a large extent. These small investments for preventive maintenance go a long way for your garage door.

Need for Garage Door Lubrication

Lubrication of all working parts of the garage door is an important part of its maintenance. Many people believe lubrication only makes things slippery. While it is the primary function of lubrication, there are many more advantages to it. In order to extend the life of your garage door, it is very important to lubricate them. It helps to prevent the grinding noise of the parts of the garage door due to reduced friction. It reduces the amount of wear-and-tear during its operation. It also minimizes the resistance to movement. Excessive corrosion of metal surfaces of garage doors is also controlled.

The knowledge about the parts of the garage door to be lubricated, techniques of lubrication and the type of lubricants to be used plays an important role in its proper maintenance. You should only use the best lubricant for garage door available in the market for the long run of your machinery. Infinity Garage Door is here to share a few tips regarding the correct ways of lubrication. The parts of the garage door which should be lubricated are as follows:

1. Hinges

The metal hinges of the garage door should be properly greased. This is one of the most important working components of the door. It is also the part which undergoes most amount of wear and tear due to continuous friction. Lubricants used on the garage doors seeps down and coats the interior part of the hinge. Make sure to use something that has a thin nozzle for better application. Most of the commonly available garage doors have metal hinges. However, few companies make plastic hinges. In that case, plastic hinges are not required to be greased.

2. Rollers

The bearings in the rollers need sufficient lubrication. In the case of nylon rollers, only the bearings of the rollers should be greased. The nylon body doesn’t need any lubrication. Any excess grease can be wiped off. Otherwise, dust may accumulate over a period of time and make the parts dirty.

3. Springs

A torsion spring lifts and lowers your garage door. Often, due to excessive use, torsion springs have a tendency to breakdown frequently. Therefore, this part needs to be greased. This ensures smooth functioning and efficient operation. However, they shouldn’t be over-lubricated. Once the parts start moving smoothly and with ease, you know that the correct amount of lubrication has been done.

Technique for best Garage Door Lubrication

After you have lubricated all the working parts of the garage door, wait for a few minutes for the oil or grease to seep in. Thereafter, the garage door should be lifted and lowered several times. This helps the lubricant to spread evenly and to get distributed on each of those parts. If you use the best lubricant for garage door as mentioned further, the process of lubricating would be less tedious.

Type of Lubricant Used

Lots of considerations are required for selecting the proper lubricant with an optimum amount of viscosity, additive nature, and suitable properties. There are specific lubricants available in the market for specific purposes. Using the wrong lubricant can shorten the operating life of the machinery. Especially for garage doors, it is important to know which kind of lubricants are best to be used.

Many people try to use WD-40 on their garage doors. However, no lubricant should be used without proper knowledge. Some lubricants cause more rusting than lubrication. The best lubricant for garage door is either silicone spray or white lithium grease. Silicone spray and white lithium grease are the best ones available in the market after taking mechanical considerations of garage doors into account. Both of them are excellent options, as they are also resistant to dust. They are available in most hardware stores. After proper lubrication, you will notice that your garage door works a lot better. It also cuts out some of the grinding noise you hear previous to greasing the right parts. Most importantly, you will cut down on a lot of repairing expenditures if you lubricate your garage door after regular time intervals.


Waiting for a machine component to breakdown before fixing is not a great idea. Even if it malfunctions, it can prove to be hazardous and inconvenient. It can lead to unscheduled downtime, which in turn leads to loss of productivity. Moreover, most of the repairing works of garage doors need urgent attention. Because maintaining your garage door is indeed important, it is better to get it done professionally inspected and maintained by a professional garage door company.

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