Top Five Garage Door Openers Of All Time
  • 2020-08-10
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When it comes to quality garage doors Las Vegas, the next thing that comes to our find is the opener that you want to go for. Just a quick search over the internet is going to blow your mind with the varieties of options market offers. For everyone who has already used manual garage doors, the convenience of a push-button open opener is worth cherishing.

Certainly, there are several perks when it comes to using an automatic garage door opener. But, getting the right one can certainly make your life as seamless as possible. In fact, the sole purpose of this article is to make you aware of the top five garage door openers you can currently buy out there in the market.

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

When it comes to finding garage door openers, there are mainly two different kinds. This is defined by the various methods in which they lift the garage door:

1) Drive Openers

Drive openers by far one of the most common types of residential garage door openers. Their overall operation is also kept fairly minimal. Generally, you can find the units hanging from the brackets throughout the centerline of the garage door. Within the unit contains an electric motor which can power various drives. Some of the most common being used include belt, chain, or screw drive.

You can find the trolley running along the track, right above the opening, This, in turn, connects to the arm which is located at the top of the door. The back and forth movement of the trolley results in the opening and closing of the garage door. Bear in mind; all the units also come with a quick-release mechanism that allows the user to operate the door manually. This is something that can really come handy during a power outage or even system failure.

2) Jackshaft Opener

This particular unit is attached at the side of the garage door. As the torsion rod moves, it helps the door to go up and down as well. One of the biggest benefits of using Jackshaft opener is that it doesn’t take up ceiling space as compared to its drive counterpart. In fact, it doesn’t even require a separate unit for rail assembly.

You won’t be feeling any vibrations that come from the ceilings. So, if your living room is just right over the garage, this is the ideal opener for you. Some of the other components that come with these kinds of openers include a tension monitor, torsion rod along with a door lock.

Top Five Garage Door Openers

1) Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain B970 garage door opener comes with the MyQ app which provides the homeowners with the ability to monitor the status of their garage door. Even when you are away from the garage door, you can still use the same. For added durability, it comes with belt drive along with reinforced steels. The included Wi-Fi can help you to connect with the home router. The triband technology embedded within enables it to increase the range. Lastly, it comes with a wireless keypad and a wall control panel.

2) LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener

The LiftMaster 8500 comes with a Jackshaft opener that can be easily mounted on the wall. This, in turn, provides with a clearer ceiling area. The LiftMaster 8500 causes least ceiling vibration, creating a calm environment around the garage. The security system that it comes with can send new codes every time the door is used. This means you can stay secured against home intruders. The included battery ensures a seamless usage, even when there is a power outage. Comes with a safety feature which can stop the door from moving, if anything comes under it.

3) Genie 7035-TKV Garage Door Opener

One of the biggest USP of Genie 7035-TKV is Intellicode which provides rolling code technology. It comes with a chain drive mechanism along with three-button programmable remote. The separate light button that comes with it can easily work as your garage light. One of its other strong point is the battery backup. It can provide the user with up to 50 cycles of door operation. Specially designed for all the 7-foot standard doors. The included door locks ensure that you keep your home safe, even when you are away from it.

4) Genie 2035-TKV Garage Door Opener

The Genie 2035-TKV Garage Door Opener comes with a very durable chain drive that can actually offer durability. In fact, the soft-start makes sure that it significantly reduces the overall wear and tear. It comes with a wireless keypad along with offering a seamless operation using a PIN. It consists of a multi-functional wall console which actually prevents the door from opening if being away from a longer duration of time. Lastly, it comes with only two pre-programmed remotes, which can be really handy for customization.

5) Craftsman ½ HP Garage Door Opener

The Craftsman ½ HP Garage Door Opener comes with its own set of wireless pads which have programmable four-digit pins. Its updated security system sends a new code after the remote is used. It also offers compatibility with the HomeLink in-vehicle which can provide the user with an open signal system. Apart from that, it comes with all the safety sensors, which are important for a garage door. The opener works well with all the 7 ft. high standard garage doors.

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