Unique Garage Door Las Vegas

Customize as Your Heart Desires with Our Unique Garage Doors

p>When it comes to garage doors, the majority of us want to entertain the utmost convenience. That is why we here at Infinity Garage Door as come up with our line of unique garage doors. These doors are top of the shelf garage doors, with unbeatable convenience, user-friendliness and security. Bear with us, to more about our unique garage doors and other garage door service Las Vegas.

Unique Materials for Unique Garage Door

Apart from the conventional wood, glass, steel, and aluminium, you can get complete customization when it comes to the garage door. There are several materials that you can use on your garage door, only available with our unique garage doors. Some of them include:

  • Wood Composite

Although woods are well known for improving the curb appeal of your garage door, they also come with certain perks. Wood composite discards those restrictions while making sure that you are able to achieve the same garage door aesthetics. These types of garage doors are generally made out of wood frames being covered with sheets of fiberboard. Our quality wood composite can provide you with finer details, even along with the grooves that you can find in real woods.

  • Fiberglass

If you are skeptical about cracks and dents on your garage door, fiberglass is the best option to go for. These types of garage doors are not subjected to regular wear and tear, and neither gets rusted. The layers of fiberglass are bonded to the steel frame along with polyurethane insulation. This, in turn, provides the door a better rigidity.

  • Vinyl

If you can find the toughest material out there for your garage door, that would be vinyl. That is why vinyl is also marketed as “kid-proof” garage doors. They are built upon steel garage doors. Apart from high durability, these garage doors require very little maintenance as well.

Benefits of Getting Unique Garage Door

  1. Unique garage doors are packed with all the modern security features that can keep your property and family safe and sound from intruders.
  2. The smart sensors attached to these doors can provide assistance with temperature control, park with better accuracy, and much more.
  3. The attached camera module can be your eyes and ears when you are not around the garage. It can smartly monitor any suspicious activity.
  4. Last but not least, by getting a unique garage door, you can always get the right piece of mind. The convenience that comes with these doors is nothing like you can find elsewhere.

Infinity Garage Doors provides one of the most versatile collections of garage doors. Whether you have a broken garage door springs Las Vegas or looking forward to garage door weather stripping Las Vegas, we have got you covered. Our certified professionals always make sure to provide you with a state of the art garage door service. In fact, you can reach up to us, 24/7 around the clock. So, the next time you need garage door installation, make sure to get in touch with Infinity Garage Door.

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