When Is The Right Time To Replace Garage Door Rollers?
  • 2021-12-12
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It is imperative to understand that garage door rollers play one of the most crucial roles when it comes to offering smooth operations for garage doors. With a variety of sizes and materials to choose from, it can get tedious at times to figure out when to replace garage door rollers? For the majority of the times, any residential garage door comes with 2” wide tracks. That gives the diameter of the roller to be around 1 – ¾”. The sole purpose of this article is to make you aware when it is just the right time to replace the garage door roller.

How to Tell if Your Garage Door Roller Needs Replacement?

The idea of replacement of garage door spring completely depends upon the total number of cycles it has continued. For any typical garage door roller, the typical rating is set to around 3000 – 15000 cycles based on the material used and the overall build quality. That being said, some of the other aspects include:

1) Performance

If your garage door gets jammed from time to time or makes loud noises during operation, chances are it is a faulty garage door roller. Now, you can always visually check the condition of the roller. All you need to do is look for any wear and tear along with cracks. Without any damage whatsoever, it is very important to check if the roller is properly secured with the shaft.

Similarly, if you find the roller to be sloppy, it is a sign of immediate replacement. Neither less to say, there is always the option for properly lubricating the garage door roller so that you can get a few more cycles out of the same. Just bear in mind, you should never attempt to change the roller all by yourself. Always take professional assistance.

2) The Material of the Garage Door Roller

It is very crucial to understand that the material used for the construction of the roller is important as well. The material and its composition can greatly affect the way you shall be changing the garage door roller. Take, for instance, cheap plastic rollers become brittle over time, becoming more prone to deterioration. Similarly, steel rollers offer you the quality and come with ball bearings for a seamless operation. So, these are some of the variations that you need to keep in mind while getting your next roller.

An in-depth categorization of the different roller is given below:

Steel Rollers: These are, by far, one of the most common choices for the majority of households. Steel stems are generally used for mounting steel rollers. They tend to offer ten ball bearings between the wheel as well as the stem. Steel rollers are rated around 75 lbs per roller while offering 15,000 cycles. The only downside is that steel rollers tend to make a rattling sound.

Nylon Rollers: Nylon rollers are by far one of the cheapest options within the lot while offering a great value for your buck. Zinc plated stems are actually used to mount the nylon rollers. On the contrary, nylon provides the homeowners with the advantage above plastic to deal with harsh climatic conditions.

Plastic Rollers: Plastic rollers are gaining more popularity within the domain of garage door rollers. As people are becoming inclined towards the idea of a quiet garage door roller, plastic has become their go-to choices. Plastic rollers tend to offer 10,000 cycles with a rating of 75 lbs per roller.

Polyethelene Rollers: Polyethelene rollers consists of tires made out of polyethylene. While using a stainless-steel stem for mounting, it also comes with washers and retainers. Polyethelene rollers tend to offer great resistance against corrosion and humidity, which can be handy, especially if you live near the beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it necessary to lubricate garage door rollers?

The idea of lubricating your garage door rollers is something that’s unheard of. In fact, this is something we tend to ignore, especially for the garage door rollers. Now, it is imperative to understand that lubrication is one of the most crucial parts of garage door maintenance. So, YES, certainly garage door rollers, requires lubrication from time to time.

In order to properly examine garage door rollers, make sure if they are worn out or not. Under such an instance, they require immediate replacement. Bear in mind that it is not a DIY task, and requires assistance from professional experts. Especially if you are working around a constrained time frame, it’s a decision worth taking.

2) How exactly the garage door rollers work?

Bear in mind that having a clear understanding of how the rollers work can actually help you with a proper diagnosis. The principle behind the operation of a garage door is a counterbalance system. So, the garage door moved using offsets of weights. It depends on the two systems that offer the right assistance:

Extension Spring System: This is where the springs are directly connected to the cables. Along with that, the system is also connected to the bottom of the garage door. The only downside is that extension spring systems tend to lose on longevity.

Torsion Spring System: Torsion spring is by far one of the most common when it comes to the spring systems for a garage door. For the majority of the times, you can find the torsion spring to be mounted above the garage door opener horizontally.

Final Takeaway

One of the best ways to inspect the condition of the garage door roller is to take them apart and check them by hand. We here at Infinity Garage Door offer a one-stop solution for all garage door repair. We tend to work with all the major manufacturers and suppliers of garage door rollers, offering you the versatility to choose the right material for your door. Our 24/7 emergency garage door repair ensures that you are able to get our assistance at the right time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the greatest opportunity of all time, and contact Infinity Garage Door Repair.

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