Which Garage Door Insulation Is Best For Me?
  • 2020-08-12
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It is imperative to understand that all the homeowners are actively looking for different ways to make their garage door more energy efficient. Opting for garage door insulation seems to be the wisest decision of the lot. Insulating the garage door makes sure that during winter, your ho remains heated while keeping the overall cost to a bare minimum. This is mainly applicable if your garage is directly attached to your home. Under such circumstances, it can definitely be the primary reason for heat loss.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything that goes into choosing the right insulation. The types of insulation available out there in the market, the different materials for insulation and whatnot.

Different Types of Insulation

We already know how choosing the right type of insulation can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your door. Some of the most commonly used types of insulation are down below:

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is often flexible; as a result, you can find them stuffed to the external walls. Batt insulations are often backed up by foils or even papers, which helps to act as the air barriers. This is, by far, one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to garage door insulation. Their insulation value ranges from R-3 to R-4.

Foam Board Insulation

Foam boards are rigid in nature as a result of which they can provide higher insulation, even being thin. You can easily find foam board insulation ranging from R-3.3 to even R-6.5. Foam board insulation works best with Aluminum or Vinyl.

Reflective Insulation

As the name suggests, reflective insulation consists of reflective aluminum foils, which can be applied on either side of the insulation material. This can be either cardboard or polyethylene bubbles. The sole purpose of reflective insulation is to radiate heat. This can really come handy if your garage tends to heat up during summer.

Advantages of Insulating Your Garage Door

Insulating your garage door comes with certain advantages. Having a clear understanding of all the benefits that you can reap from insulating your garage door can help you to make a better choice.

1) Increases Energy Efficiency

Insulating your garage door can provide you with benefits either way. It can help you to trap heat during winter while keeping your garage cool during summer. Keeping a moderate temperature within the garage can help you to significantly bring down the overall cost of the garage door. This is mainly beneficial if you have an attached garage with your home. Insulation can provide you with the right solution while keeping your garage door closed.

2) Quieter Operation

If you want a quieter operation for your garage door, it is better to go with garage door insulation. Insulated doors tend to damp the noise coming from outside. At the same time, it can also reduce the sounds that come from operating your garage door. Further including, insulation can also absorb vibration that comes from the track of your garage door. Now, if your garage door is placed at the entryway or right next to your living room, this can really come handy.

3) Increases the Overall Strength

There is no point in arguing that the over the fact that insulated garage doors pack more strength that a non-insulated one. They can easily withstand wear and tear along with all the dents that come from vehicles. Due to insulation, doors are resilient to rust, which is quite common for non-insulated garage doors. Typically, you can find insulated garage doors made out of reinforced steel. They are long-lasting and can resist the majority of the external elements like heat or sun.

4) Comfortable Environment

If you want extreme comfort, it gives you enough reason to insulate your garage door. Opting for high-quality insulation can provide the homeowners with an all seasoned garage door. In fact, one can also use their garage as an additional living room after applying for insulation. Lastly, it can provide a better storage solution for your vehicles and other items.

Different Layers of Garage Door Insulation

Modern garage door insulation comes in three different layers. They are as follows:

Single-Layer Garage door: Single-layer doesn’t actually provide any type of insulation to the door. As the name suggests, they are just made out of single panels. On the contrary, these kinds of garage doors provide an affordable solution to the homeowners who are running low on budgets.

Double-Layered Garage Door: The additional layer comes from the addition of polyurethane or polystyrene foam. Double-layer garage doors can provide better energy efficiency to the garage. At the same time, you also get a soundproofing solution for the homeowners. Neither less to say, they have a better level of construction.

Triple-Layer Garage Door: If you want the ultimate garage door insulation, make sure to go with a triple-layer design. The foam insulation is actually sandwiched between two layers of the door material, be it steel or wood. It also comes with a galvanized layer in order to protect the insulation of the door.

What is the R-Value of a Garage Door?

While shopping for garage door insulation, you must have come across the term R-value of the garage door. It is, by far, one of the most important aspects while measuring insulation. The R-value defines the barrier ability of the insulation and how effectively it can slow heat transmission. That means a higher R-value defines a better quality of garage door. The most common R-value that homeowners opt for is R-16.

Final Takeaway

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